How chatbots can convert your visitors into loyal customers

How chatbots can convert your visitors into loyal customers

We all know the impact a strong brand name can have nowadays. But building a “top of mind” brand is no easy task. It takes a lot of effort and may take some time to get there. But there’s something you can do to make your company stand out in the eyes of your customers: stay forefront in the latest trends.

In Portugal, we work with some of the country’s biggest brands, such as Credibom, Galp, Fidelidade, Banco Best, Banco Atlantico Europa, Moche and MB Way. What do they all have in common? A chatbot developed by

If your main goal is to have conversions in your website, you may want to have that little chat window popping in to your clients’ eyes.

So, what can chatbots do for your company?

It saves you time (and money)

Because desires change constantly, people may want to talk to someone from your team now, but they might not be willing to wait until tomorrow. Chatbots make this out of question: they are available 24/7, answering anytime your clients need. We live in the “culture of immediacy”, so people don’t like to be left hanging.

Besides, chatbots are able to qualify leads and send you the ones that could really result in clients, saving you a lot of time and preventing you from losing these potential clients to your competitors.

Build your brand image

When you’re developing your brand, it is important to know in which direction you’re going. It’s like creating a persona for your brand, the way you want your customers to perceive you. So, your chatbot is the reflection of your brand’s persona – you choose if you want it to be fun, serious or friendly.

Make it “human-like”

One of the greatest advantages of chatbots is the way they “talk” like a human, making users almost forget they’re talking to a robot. This gives you a possibility to create a personality to your chatbot, making it cool and really polite to your users. Haven’t we all crossed paths with a grumpy assistant sometime in our customer journey? You can power your virtual assistant with a human tone and set it up to sound like a friend, improving proximity between the brand and the user. When people love your brand and feel close to it, you’ll be the first in mind when they need something you provide.

Measure customer satisfaction

We all know the frustration of not being able to complete a purchase for some reason and ending up quitting the process and leaving, right? Nowadays, you have to provide an amazing user and customer experience, to smoothly engage the client. People are impatient and want answers delivered quickly. With a chatbot, you can even measure the users’ level of satisfaction and avoid frustrating them with a bad customer care, by providing quick and assertive replies. Also, chatbots are grammatically correct in a fascinating way, so no more spelling mistakes.

In short, we just shared with you a few ways a chatbot can take your company to the next level in customer support. Now it’s more than just replying to your customer’s queries, it’s building a strong brand presence, constructing it’s image and making sure to attract delighted customers.

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