eBook – A Quick Guide to AI-powered Email Bots

eBook – A Quick Guide to AI-powered Email Bots

This eBook is everything you need to get started with AI-powered Email Bots in your Contact Center.

Discover how to integrate AI-powered Email Bots into your Contact Center’s interactions.

Artificial Intelligence

When you hear about Artificial Intelligence, you think about robots and processes that once could only be performed by humans. However, this is no longer the case, and these processes can be completely (or mostly) automated. Some robots are created only to perform functions (like those in factories without AI), but there are also more complex ones that, besides functions, communicate with us. This communication, in order to function, must have some level of understanding of human language, and, for that, we implement disciplines like Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning.

These two subjects are fundamental. As the name indicates, the first facilitates natural human language processing, and the second relates to the machine’s ability to learn. Thus, whenever a customer speaks with the bot, it accumulates and learns new ways of using the language. As a result, your system becomes more intelligent and more efficient in responding.

Email Bots

Email is one of the largest channels of contact between consumers and companies. Still, it has been neglected when the subject is automation. Time to change it! 

As virtual agents, AI-powered Email Bots can help you automate specific repetitive processes – freeing up your Contact Center’s team for more value-added activities, accelerating responsiveness, improving service levels, and increasing customer satisfaction.

Get your free copy, discover the wonderful world of Artificial Intelligence applied to email and step into the future of Smart Interactions.

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