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News About Us was born in 2016 and since then our solution has been featured in many news. In this page, you can find every single article written about us. From the very beginning of our journey, until now. We gather some pretty good news stories as well as recognitions and awards. We feature in all kinds of newspapers and technologic magazines. If you are interested, please take a look at our posts. Chatbot Helps Students Win Awesome Prizes in the Unique Edition of Portugal Digital Summit 2020
The Best Portuguese Marketing Campaign Wins European Awards’s Partner Is One Of The Fastest-Growing Companies
Forbes Highlights in the Chatbots World
SmartDigitalPlug Platform with’s Solution in Factorial Interviews
Tranquilidade’s Virtual Assistant with 37% more Contacts
tech4COVID19 Movement – and Zaask Virtual Assistant in Tranquilidade’s WhatsApp wants to double the number of employees in 2020
BusinessIT and PCGuia highlighted
Banco Best and Simplesurance Launch a Unique Product through Chatbot in Poland – Huge Thing Kick Off!
According to ECO: is one of the startups to watch in 2019 featured in an article about insurtech innovations
Banco Best now has BEA, a virtual assistant to help the bank’s clients
Happy 2nd Anniversary,! Congratulations!🎉
The perfect combination for summer
Improving Lisbon’s city life… once again!
Celebrating the 60 years of Margão with a marketing chatbot sharing experiences at MozTech
Knorr® Portugal just launched a Marketing Chatbot!
Top 5 cool features of Heineken Portugal’s chatbot participated in the CableLabs UpRamp reunion participated in an european startup accelerator
The participation in Data Pitch in the roadshow to China with Protechting

As you could see, here, you can learn a bit more about our path. Who we are as a company and who we are as people. You can see our growth and our learning process to become a great enterprise. We also provide you some information about our successes and achievements, as well as the case studies we have with different sector companies, like Tranquilidade, Best Bank, or the City Hall

We want to grow more and more each and every single day. So you can have the best service and results. Our goal is to help companies achieve their full potential in regard to automated interactions between them and their clients.

Through these posts, you can stay updated about us and our solution. So stay tuned for more, and don’t forget to check out our blog page as well!