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Portugal – Company Headquarters

Avenida Duque de Loulé 12, 6th floor
1050-007 Lisbon


Calle Reina Mercedes, 22, Entreplanta
28020 Madrid, Spain

“If we find that the chatbot we created (Max) with the Visor.ai platform doesn’t know how to answer some of our customer’s questions, then we enable Max to do so. We even say that Max may not know the answer to a question today, but tomorrow it will.”

Tiago Teixeira

COM Direct Specialist

“The partnership with Visor.ai allowed us to respond more effectively to the contact needs of our customers through different channels such as our institutional portal and our social networks (Facebook and WhatsApp).”

Leomir Guilherme

Banking and Digital Transformation Department

“It is effortless to work and implement Visor’s platform. It’s pretty fast to get results. We are constantly evolving it to serve our employees and customers better.”

Ana Pinto

Head of Customer Service