Fueling the Customer Experience

With Visor.ai, your company is ready to answer customers’ queries no matter the time or place. Ensuring Smart Interactions in a people-centric, optimized, and consistent service anytime, anywhere.


We believe every company must provide fantastic customer service. It should always be a positive experience that brings the clients back and makes them feel valued.

Our values keep us connected and guide our daily work and decisions:


The folks behind the bots

Visor.ai emerged from the need for companies to optimize their customer services. So, Bruno, Gianluca and Gonçalo decided to join forces to achieve this goal. With skills and experience in different business areas, the partnership of the three childhood friends could not have been more successful. Today, it counts with a great team and a Conversational AI platform that helps large enterprises with Customer Support automation.

The folks behind the bots

Gonçalo Consiglieri

Co-founder and COO

Gianluca Pereyra

Co-founder and CEO

Bruno Matias

Co-founder and CTO

Our team is our main asset and is always available to help you in this journey

Our Team

There are many more reasons
to rely on Visor.ai as your Customer Support Automation partner, but
we highlight a dozen of them:


We breathe Customer Service, interacting daily with those leading, managing and working in this area. We understand their challenges and focus on helping them achieve their goals.


We deliver a simple and intuitive platform for managers and agents. Anyone from the contact center can autonomously work with it to leverage the benefits of AI-powered Virtual Assistants, with no need for developers or data scientists.


You can start using the platform in about one month on average (after initial setup and customization).


You get total control over the platform and can improve AI-powered Virtual Assistants’ constant learning.


We are here all the way for you – in a close, personalized, and committed partnership; we are always available to deliver daily support, ensuring that our platform totally fits your needs, now and in the future.


You can start small and expand/scale at your own pace.


Innovation is intrinsic to Visor.ai. We never stop introducing new features, listening to our customers’ needs and considering their feedback in order to anticipate market trends and bring more and more intelligence to Virtual Assistants.


The investment is very competitive and ensures a fast return due to human, technical and financial resources optimization


Visor.ai platform has an automation efficiency rate between 70 to 80%, reducing up to 50% of call center volume.


You can easily integrate the platform with existing systems.


We take security and compliance very seriously. All critical requirements are natively fulfilled.


All of these results lead to outstanding customer satisfaction 24*7*365 and greater internal team productivity and motivation, thanks to eliminating repetitive, tedious and programmable tasks.
“The relationship we have with the Visor.ai team is very close. If we want something or have an idea, we know that this partnership is here to help us make things happen.”

Teresa Santos

Business Process Otimization Manager

“The choice of Visor was made due to the great dynamism of the team and the spirit of a real partnership in an environment of clear gains for both parties.”

João Marques

Operations Director

“Visor.ai platform is easy to handle, and we are constantly in contact with the Visor.ai team. The relationship between the Bank team and the Visor.ai team is very close.”

Carla Lemos

COM Support Director