platform can fit into several sectors, but most of our clients are Banks and Insurance companies. We know their business challenges, struggles, and goals. We have a close, transparent, and committed relationship with their Customer Support and Innovation leaders. So naturally, we’ve become specialists in successfully applying Contact Center Automation in these areas through a user-friendly Conversational AI Platform.

The result has been awesome and inspiring stories like these that demonstrate the incredible impact of on Customer Service efficiency. Discover how the insurance company Generali and the banking company Millennium BCP now address high volumes of queries and are greatly empowered for continuous improvement.


Generali intelligent chatbot platform supercharges Generali Contact Center’s efficiency
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But there are many more companies taking advantage of to accelerate digital transformation and reach new levels of efficiency through Contact Center Automation:

“With, we accelerated our digital transformation process, providing a better customer experience. The reason behind is an intuitive platform, easy to use and adapt according to the needs and in the space of minutes, without developers.”

Tiago Pereira

Chief Product Officer

“ has enabled us to start doing conversational marketing with a higher lead conversion than most landing pages.”

João Cabrita

Digital and Innovation Director

“We are satisfied with the results obtained. The service has an efficiency of 85%, corresponding to the number of clients automatically served by LUENA (virtual assistant).”

Leomir Guilherme

Banking and Digital Transformation Department