Open an account

Opening a bank account is a tedious and time-consuming process. Intelligent Virtual Assistants on the web or mobile channels can help address initial queries, document collection and follow-up communication with customers.

Change Credit Card Due Date

Changing the Payment due date is something your clients always ask.
Prepare a simple “Use Case” that allows your clients to make the change if they meet certain conditions.

Request a Credit Line Increase

Requesting a credit line increase implies several internal approvals. An intelligent chatbot platform enables the customers to ask for it from a virtual agent just by providing the necessary data and following the process’s status, avoiding several visits to the bank.

Cancel Card

Canceling a card is a simple process. So why are your customers going to have so much trouble with it? Make your chatbot collect the info, double-check that the user is who he claims to be, show your client which active cards he has, and give them the option to cancel the chosen one. We can guide you through all your steps so that you can provide card cancellation without the need for a human.

Reset Authorization Code

How many access codes are forgotten or misplaced all the time? Have your chatbot collect data to validate your client’s identity (for example, e-mail and TAX-Number) and then send them the new access code to the cell phone number associated with the bank account.


Reporting an Insurance Claim

Reporting an Insurance Claim is never a good time for anyone.
Easy up the process for your clients. With just a few clicks, the chatbot can collect the info from the user (e.g. policy number and the insurance coverage the user wants to activate) and start the process right on time. No more back and forth because you lacked your client’s information to begin the process.

Paying Insurance Bill

Bills get lost and misplaced. Deadlines pass and are forgotten. Let your clients have the information they need when they need it. With your chatbot, you can deliver the payment details simply and effectively. The user requests it, the chatbot validates it, and the client has the information right on time.

Checking a Claim Status

How many requests do you receive from your clients just to check their claim status? Have’s solution available to provide that information for your clients. The user shares the claim details, and the chatbot checks your system and delivers them the information they want.

Manage Insurance Policies Upgrades

How many excellent coverages does your company offer? Users often search to add more coverage to their car or health policy. Allow your clients to navigate and educate themselves about your solutions and provide an easy option for them to upgrade easily. Here is where a chatbot can help your company become more efficient in upselling your services.

Substitution for Processing Card Duplication

Sometimes clients lose their insurance cards or paperwork. With a chatbot, allow your clients to request a duplicate of their documents easily.

“ fit the requirements of what we were looking for as a partner, because it has a very user-friendly tool – anyone can use it, program and create content.”

Teresa Santos

Business Process Otimization Manager

“This solution has a profound impact on our effectiveness and on the way we are able to resolve the questions that are made to us.”

Tiago Teixeira

COM Direct Specialist

“Our biggest challenge was the lack of an alternative channel for email and forms and with lower response times. We needed something that could provide immediate customer support even outside business hours and without being totally dependent on a human.”

Tiago Pereira

Chief Product Officer