Chatbots are virtual assistants designed to maintain natural interactions through a Conversational AI platform. This capability is possible due to Artificial Intelligence technology that utilizes human conversation recognition to deliver an appropriate answer. We use cutting-edge technologies like Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Natural Language Processing, which enable chatbots to understand a wide range of commands and cope with diverse situations.

Are you struggling with numerous calls, messages, and emails? platform is the perfect solution to:

Automate conversations

Automate conversations

With bots, your company can easily automate up to 80% of common request responses without the intervention of a human assistant.

Improve Customer satisfaction

Improve Customer satisfaction

Respond quickly and appropriately to customer inquiries 24*7*365. With, you will not need to increase the team to ensure client satisfaction and meet SLAs.

Optimize costs

Optimize costs

Immediately answering clients’ questions and needs leads to a positive financial impact on your operations from day one.

Improve processes

Improve processes

Most of the queries received in a contact center arise processes that can be greatly improved with the platform.

Analyse user metrics

Analyse user metrics

See how customers interact with your business. Analyze behavior and improve your products based on feedback.

Get full autonomy

Get full autonomy

With our platform, your Customer Service team can totally control every single detail without any external intervention.

Innovate at scale

Innovate at scale

Through our platform, you can smoothly automate new use cases as they come along and deploy them in new communication channels.

How does it work?

Quick steps to get started with our Conversational AI platform:



We start by creating the Knowledge Base, sourced from the FAQs available on your website and the history of interactions you already have. This background will optimize our AI algorithms (Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing). After that, your chatbot is ready to answer the questions that arrive at your Customer Service channels.



Next, conduct tests with a group of beta testers to fine-tune the contents and the user experience. Our team helps you throughout the process.



After testing, you are ready to launch the solution created within desired channels (website, social media or app) and for your chosen audience.



Even what is good can always improve, so there will always be improvements to be made!
Using our AI studio, you will have access to all the necessary features to ensure that the quality of the solution is constantly evolving.


You are not alone

We believe in long-lasting relationships. Our Customer Success Team is always available for any new questions and challenges.

What’s in it for you?

Studio .AI

Prepare your knowledge base to feed our AI algorithms and continually improve them with our AI Studio. Some examples are: using specific synonyms for your company; creating compound words characteristic of your industry; identifying and solving conflicts; analyzing the chatbot’s answers, matching the question to a better response and defining small talk modules.

Builder .AI

Create the chatbot’s usage flow and the optimal use cases. With the capabilities of our Builder, you can even work on a better user experience by using images, buttons, and shortcuts to help your customer.
With our Builder, your technical teams can do different integrations.

Chat .AI

Are there questions that are not answered automatically yet?
No problem. On our platform, they can be immediately forwarded to your customer support team to deal with them directly. Prepare Quick Answers for your agents, classify the conversations and redirect them to other specialized agents.

Single Sign-On (SSO) – Enables easy access to the platform or Chat Widget using your existing identity provider. In this way, your users can be authenticated and have fast, secure, and seamless access.

Intents / Entities – Entities can be recognized and used to create a more interactive response or trigger an action configured by you. For example, when a user writes: “I want a duplicate of my card,” your chatbot can interpret the intention of the sentence and answer accordingly, for example: “Do you want the premium or the gold card?”.

SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) – This allows you to configure, on our platform, the routines you want for analytics and history files.

Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) – With no public access, it’s possible to implement our solution in a cloud environment, entirely private for each client.

Conversational API – If you want to use another channel, Conversational API allows you to use platform API. It is widely used for integrations with apps where the customer wants to provide a fully developed custom-made channel.

Speech-to-text and Text-to-speech – This allows your clients to send voice commands, which are analyzed by AI algorithms and generate an automatic response. You can also configure this reply to be read out loud.

Document Sharing – You can easily send and receive documents through the chat channel, which helps to reduce touchpoints and improve resolution times.

Cross Department Distribution – When a conversation passes to assistants, you can prepare the conversation that the specialized team will deliver, considering the conversation’s topic and each assistant’s skills.

Total Control

Your customer support team can easily manage the entire knowledge base and all the other functionalities through our platform.

No Code

Even though our platform has many features, you don’t need to know how to
program or have specific/technical knowledge because anyone can manage
it. Autonomy from IT is one of the key benefits.

Security & Compliance

We guarantee our customers a very high level of security in compliance with the GDPR. For this reason, you can ensure your clients’ data protection. Besides, we offer the possibility of having a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC).


Do you already work with a system you love? Don’t worry; we got you covered! Our Conversational AI Platform can be easily integrated with external APIs.


We are where your clients want you to be. With’s Conversational AI platform, you can improve Customer Service anywhere


Launch our chat widget on your website just by copy-pasting a few lines of code.
The same applies to public and authenticated areas, such as home banking or clients’ areas.

Facebook Messenger

One of the largest social networks of the 21st century. Interact with your customers through your Facebook Messenger.


Considered the most traffic-packed communication app. Get closer to your customers and give them personalized attention.


You can also launch a chatbot in your App directly through our platform or our Conversational API.


Automate the triage of incoming emails, using our AI to interpret the content and attachments. Through integrations, we treat it the way you want.

“ met many criteria we were looking for: easy to implement, with machine learning and not being so dependent on the provider.”

Tiago Pereira

Chief Product Officer

“Visor’s platform is straightforward to implement and work with; it’s swift to get results. We are constantly evolving it to serve our employees and customers better.”

Ana Pinto

Head of Customer Service

“The impact has been tremendous. provided, with this solution, a doubling of our efficiency, helping the commercial area because we attend many more colleagues than before.”

Carla Lemos

COM Support Director