Understanding the ROI of intelligent chatbots - Compreender o ROI dos chatbots inteligentes

Compreender o ROI dos chatbots inteligentes

The amount of investment is possibly one of the most decisive factors when you evaluate the implementation of intelligent chatbots in your contact channels. But, for an assertive analysis, it is also crucial to consider the gains you will make using Artificial Intelligence solutions to automate and optimize your Customer Care services.

In this article, we tell you what ROI is, how to recover what you invested, and much more to turn this area into a high-performance machine.

What is ROI?

ROI (Return on Investment) is a financial metric commonly used to evaluate the probability of getting back the value invested. In other words, it tells us the gain or loss concerning the investment results.

In this case, ROI is calculated based on the investment made to implement a chatbot in your company – either for employee support or customer support.

There are several types of chatbots. However, those that use Artificial Intelligence are the ones you are interested in because they can mimic natural conversations, identical to what two humans would have.

This fact alone is already one of the gains of these solutions because nobody likes to waste time and much less have conversations that don’t respond to what we want. So if we invest in an innovative solution, let it be efficient!

Intelligent chatbots are conversational robots with Artificial Intelligence. Simply put, they are robots that can spontaneously interact with users thanks to Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing technologies.

How do intelligent chatbots help you save?

Chatbots are known for optimizing companies’ services since they easily automate simple programmable processes. Namely, answering frequently asked questions or doing repetitive tasks, such as providing a second copy of certain documents.

Here are some factors that help you improve your Customer Support services:

  • Digitization Increase

With technological evolution, society is updating its likings and skills, and because of these factors, it’s becoming more demanding.

A company that doesn’t keep up with the digital age and its customers’ preferences will be easily outgrown by competitors.

Organizations that offer new and dynamic services, such as intelligent chatbots, enabling customers to quickly and effectively get what they are looking for from any place and time, are undoubtedly at an advantage.

Furthermore, according to a study by Insider Intelligence, about 40 % of users worldwide prefer to interact with chatbots rather than agents.

  • Automated Interactions

If you analyze the interactions in your Contact Center, you’ll find that most of the questions your agents solve are very simple and easy.

However, the time customers wait to be assisted and get an answer are two negative points for customer satisfaction.

By automating the most common interactions with intelligent chatbots, you instantly see an optimization in your team’s workflow, who can devote their time and effort to solve more complex situations.

According to Gartner, by 2025, companies implementing a multichannel platform with AI for Customer Support will increase their operational efficiency by 25%.

On the other hand, your customers will be much more satisfied because they get their questions answered on the spot.

  • Self-care channel

One of the current trends is to offer customers self-care solutions. That is, solutions in which they can resolve their issues autonomously, without a company representative’s intervention.

In fact, according to the Harvard Business Review, about 81% of all industries consumers first try to resolve their issues on their own before speaking with a brand representative.

What can you gain with the Visor.ai platform?

Our vision is that not a single customer’s query should stay unanswered, and our mission is to help you get there through our AI solutions.

We help you implement intelligent chatbots in the instant messaging applications you prefer (Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp) or your website.

If email is a channel that also needs a push, we can help with that too!

Our email bots analyze, categorize, request information and documents when necessary, and route requests to the specialized handling departments in the subject matter. This routing significantly reduces response times and boosts your Customer Service.

We can also further optimize your contact channels with voice bots. Just like email bots, they collect information to finalize requests, saving your contact center assistants much work.

With Visor.ai solutions and technologies, you can:

  • Optimize the workflow of your employees by setting up the bots to handle the most common interactions;
  • Increase customer satisfaction by decreasing waiting times;
  • Increase the accuracy and response efficiency of your services through an easy-to-use platform that allows you to enrich the bot with new questions and answers and make any changes you want autonomously;
  • Potentiate the generation and conversion of leads through customizing and sending certain information to specific users, be it promotions, campaigns, or others.

On top of all these factors, you have, on average, a three-month payback on your investment (ROI) after the solution goes Live. That is, three months after your customers are using it.

How is ROI possible in 3 months with intelligent chatbots?

That’s right! You can recover the entire amount that was initially invested after three months.

You will find that once your customers see that you can handle their issues so quickly and efficiently, they won’t want anything else!

Productivity increases, and agents can begin to take on more strategic roles and respond only to complex situations. They become true No-Code Data Scientists since, for instance, they can “teach” the bot what it previously didn’t know with no external assistance.

After an implementation period of 4 weeks, on average, your chat solution will be ready to start interacting with your customers.

In this initial phase, together with the Visor.ai team, the knowledge base of your intelligent chatbot is created and maximized so that it can answer all your clients’ usual questions.

Nevertheless, for cases where the chatbot doesn’t know (yet!) what the best answer is, you can refer to Live Chat, where your Contact Center agents will be available to answer.

Don’t wait around and learn how your Customer Service can be optimized and get ROI in 3 MONTHS! Ask for a demo today!