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Why Voice Bots Are the Most Exciting AI Solution?

Voice bots are the new trend, and Visor.ai could not miss the opportunity to innovate its AI solution. Our automated chatbot interactions have evolved and now include voice commands. Curious? To learn more, keep reading!

Voice Bots: Chatbots or Virtual Assistants?

You’ve undoubtedly heard of Siri, Alexa, or Google Assistant. These three are the most popular virtual assistants on the market. Before we dive into the world of voice bots, you need to know what virtual assistants are. In fact, if you think chatbots and virtual assistants are the same things, you are wrong! To start with, they’re both applications in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Moreover, they’re used for process automation in companies. Perhaps because they have these similarities, they’re confused and given as the same thing. However, there are differences.
On one hand, there are chatbots.
In general, they are used by companies as interfaces for collecting information because they’re seen as tools to improve customer support. Users have questions about a product, and the chatbot automatically answers them through the know-how that has been instilled in it.
On the other hand, virtual assistants.
They help you with everyday tasks, usually through voice commands. You can ask them to schedule a meeting or even point out notes for a work presentation. If you think about it, they’re similar to human personal assistants, but without the human part. In addition to these small tasks, intelligent virtual assistants can access information from the cloud to answer your questions. Imagine you want to know when the next flight to the Maldives leaves. Well, ask your virtual assistant, and it, with the information collected from the cloud, will answer you. Now that you know the difference between chatbots and virtual assistants, it becomes easier to understand what voice bots are.

What Are Voice Bots Really?

If you consider the already mentioned characteristics of chatbots and virtual assistants, you can say that voice bots are a fusion of both. Voice bots have the voice of virtual assistants but retain the functions of a chatbot. They’re chatbots, like those used for customer service, but have the audio option. In other words, instead of writing, you can talk, just like you do with virtual assistants. This way, interactions become even more dynamic and instantaneous. You have to consider that, when writing, people are much more careful, and in speech, they’re more carefree. All the peculiarities that you already had in your database concerning language now increase with the specificities found in speech.

The Statistics that Take Us to the Voice Bots

Nowadays, smartphones can compete a lot with computers, which can be seen in the traffic, which is increasing in small devices. In 2019, according to Quoracreative, 80% of users preferred to do mobile phone searches. It’s a more practical means when compared to PCs because it is entirely portable and easy to carry. It’s always at hand at any time. In addition to the majority of users using a mobile phone, other surveys show that 46% already use voice-based solutions and that the trend is to increase to 50% by 2020.

With this new technology, you can, with voice commands alone, make requests and questions to virtual assistants. In return, you receive the desired answer, which can be in text or audio.

The high uptake of this type of technology may be because it resembles so much a typical conversation between two people.

Additionally, the “hands-free” factor can also play a lot in your favor. That is, being able to perform other tasks at the same time.

Technologies Used in Voice Bots

The technologies used depends on the type of voice bot you have. Some involve more steps than others, depending on what you want them to do.

The process carried out for the conversion from oral to written speech, at first sight, is relatively simple.

Shortly, the bot receives audio input, converts it to text, and the AI does the treatment. However, behind this process, many technologies are involved.

Let’s start with the reception of voice commands.

Visor.ai, through the tireless work of its team, uses Google’s Speech-to-Text tool. In short, it converts the audio files in real-time and turns them into text.

After having the messages in text, the AI starts working.

At this stage, the native technologies of Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning come into action.

They’re considered native, as they were assembled by Visor.ai to meet the requirements imposed and adapt better to customers.

Artificial Intelligence makes the reading and analysis of the stimuli and then runs them through the knowledge base.

Once everything is analyzed, the answer is found and the bot sends it to the user.

Without these technologies, it would be impossible for humans to talk to machines.

6 Reasons to Have Voice on Your Chatbot

Speed in Interactions

The interactions between clients and companies are faster because touch is no longer needed. In other words, writing or clicking buttons is no longer necessary.

Innovation that brings Customers

Improving your chat solution makes your product more competitive in the commercial market.

The most innovative products, as a rule, always generate curiosity. Consequently, this curiosity brings more potential customers to your company.

Increase the Artificial Intelligence of Your Bot

People, when they talk, aren’t as careful as when they write. This carelessness leads to new ways of making requests/questions. Therefore, the size of your knowledge base increases.

The higher the diversity of commands your bot analyses, the more intelligent it becomes.

Cost Reduction

When you invest in automated solutions, you’re betting on the productivity of your service.

An efficient bot allows your team to solve more complex issues that need more time and attention.

Social Inclusion

Using your voice makes your chat solution accessible to people who can’t or, for some reason, won’t write.

It thus becomes a means of social inclusion, and everyone can use it, disabled or not.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

The more options you offer to facilitate interactions with your customer service, the higher the customer satisfaction.

Visor.ai Solution is for You!

Whatever challenge your company has with its contact channels, Visor.ai can undoubtedly help.

Whether with its native solutions or through its network of partners, such as Go Contact, for the automation of the voice channel.

If you want to give voice to your chatbot, contact us!