Como Oferecer o Melhor Seguro de Saúde com AI Bots

Companies that want to offer the best services invest in solutions with AI. Health insurance companies and the entire insurance sector are focused on growing their digital transformation. Consequently, bet on solutions such as AI bots to improve Customer Service.

This article shows you some benefits and use cases you’ll have with your bot, both in chat and email channels.

AI Bots: 21st Century Automated Solutions

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a trend in recent times, and its expansion is not expected to slow down soon; quite the contrary.

AI, in short, is what allows systems to resemble humans, to understand us, and to perform tasks that were once performed by us.

Nowadays, there are many different automated systems, such as robots in industrial plants or chatbots. However, not all have the recourse to Artificial Intelligence.

The ones we call AI Bots are the bots with Artificial Intelligence at their core. In other words, they’re the ones that have the ability to perceive new orders taking into account those that were made before.

The ability to understand human language comes from the areas of Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing. These two disciplines allow the understanding, processing, and training of the bot.

6 Benefits of AI Bots for Health Insurance Companies

Support 24/7

One of the great demands of consumers is to talk to a company anytime, anywhere. That’s why the 24/7 service is one of the essential steps to make your clients satisfied.

Greater Efficiency and Scalability

A bot is capable of responding to several people at the same time. Besides, it has the ability to scale its functions to large volumes of contacts. Scalability is an essential factor when companies struggle during the busiest times of the year.

Digital Channel Implementation

The easy implementation of these AI solutions enables companies to reach a larger number of customers and possible clients. That is, imagine that you start by having the bot on your website. After a while, you realize that many of your customers use other channels, like email.

With a quick integration process, you can also get a bot in your email channel and benefit from the advantages of automating your Customer Support’s email address.

If you are interested in knowing more about’s email solution, go to Email bots: How to Automate Your Email.

Analysis and Discovery

Companies must know information about their customers and potential stakeholders. Such information is the data they use when filling out a simulation form or which products they research the most.

Knowing this kind of detail is crucial for a company to know what consumers are looking for and provide better and more specialized services.


One of the companies’ great fears is that the bots’ implementation is a prolonged and complex process and that they have to use new systems in addition to those they already have. But they’re wrong.

Besides being cloud-based, automation solutions are modular. This contributes to an integration process without any complication in any system that your company uses.

Live Chat has a Live Chat feature for your contact center assistants. It’s a tool that allows you to give your users human support when the bot doesn’t know how to answer them or doesn’t have the solution they’re looking for.

It’s a feature that combines the bot’s work with your team’s work. In this way, your company gets the best out of both worlds. And your customers too!

5 Use Cases with AI Bots in Health Insurance Companies

Now that you know some benefits of implementing a bot in your digital contact channels, we show you practical use cases.


The era of pages with a list of frequently asked questions is over. Clients aren’t willing to look for the answer to their questions on your website, and the easier it’s for them, the better.

One of the main tasks of bots automation is precisely this: answering FAQs.
Repetitive questions that once had to be answered by your Customer Service team, becoming a monotonous and not very productive job.

You can rest your customers because they get an answer instantly, and your team can focus on more time-consuming and complex tasks.

Leads Generation and Conversions

According to a Hubspot study, 47 % of consumers are willing to purchase products via chatbot. This is almost half of the users! Have you seen the audience you’re not reaching?

Simplify your clients’ lives and offer them discounts they cannot refuse. From simulation to subscription is one step!

Claims Reporting

Both your telephone and email channels, every day, should be full of customers reporting accidents they had and how they can activate their insurance policy. Well, automate those contacts in your chat and email channels.

The resolutions of these processes always follow a script. This script can be given to your bot and it fulfills it.

Additionally, if you need to attach documents, there’s no problem because the technology of OCR (Optical Character Recognition) allows the system to read and analyze images, not requiring human verification.

Payment Assistance

How many times do you receive messages about the payment process? “I forgot to pay for my insurance. Can I get a new payment reference?”

With a bot, the customer only needs to give some data, such as the policy number, and through a cross-check of information, a new payment reference is available on the spot.

Some companies even allow direct payment through the bot, being necessary just a few simple integrations.

Marketing Campaigns

As we mentioned before, the bot can be a great way to collect information regarding its users’ paths or the products that interest them the most.

From this data, you can create and spread marketing campaigns through your chat or email bot.

With the Broadcasts feature of, you can define several parameters such as, for example, to which public to send a certain advertisement (general or specific), at what time that same advertisement is sent, among others.

Learn more in Broadcast and Triggers: How to Sell with your Chatbot.

The AdvanceCare Bot

AdvanceCare, contrary to what one might think, is not a health insurance company. It’s an integrated system of health solutions. Since 1998, it manages insurance and health plans from several Insurance Companies, Subsystems, and Partners.

This health product management company stands out for the quality and innovation it provides to its clients.

Because they always want to offer the best services, AdvanceCare decided to invest in an AI solution when restructuring their website. It was then that the partnership with and the implementation of a chatbot on the website came about.

This partnership enhances the company’s digital transformation plan while increasing, even more, the satisfaction of its users.

AdvanceCare customers can clarify questions about insurance and health plans with this automated chat solution, search the medical network offers, obtain information regarding prices, and much more.

Do like AdvanceCare did and discover the different solutions that has to give you! Contact us now!