Start-Up Chile Meetup Lisbon 2018

3 reasons why Start-Up Chile was great for went to Start-up Chile and tells you why this program was incredible!

During Web Summit, we had the pleasure to meet with some friends we made during our experience in Start-Up Chile. This included Sebastián Díaz Mesa, CEO of Start-Up Chile, Sofía Del Sante, ex-Chief Strategy Officer at Start-Up Chile, and some fellow ex-suppers from different generations of the program. Yes, the Start-Up Chile participants have a name. We are known as “Suppers” and recognized by that all around Chile!

Start-Up Chile is a seed accelerator program created by the Chilean Government. It seeks to attract early-stage, high-potential entrepreneurs to bootstrap their startups using Chile as a platform to go global. had the privilege to participate in 2017, being part of Generation 17 of this program.

This was not only a meeting of friends with common goals and the conviction that they can change the world. It was an excellent opportunity to remember some of the main points we took from this amazing experience.

 Here we highlight 3 of them:
  1. Global Community – Meet fellow “Suppers” from all around the world and a community of enthusiastic entrepreneurs and mentors always ready to help each other. It’s a very active community and this meetup was proof of that.
  2. Validation of the Latin American market – Chile is the most stable economy in Latin America and can be a good starting point for an expansion in that part of the world. With the support, mentoring, and guidance of Start-Up Chile, we got a very clear perspective of the different markets in this continent. That way, we could take a look at what the landscape of chatbots and virtual assistants looks like. We were able to define a clear roadmap of expansion and determine what sales channels were better for us.
  3. Equity-free money – 40.000 USD funded by the Chilean government with no strings attached to spend on expenses related to the project. It seems like a good deal! 


If you are running a startup and you feel that even one of these 3 points is relevant for you at this stage, don’t miss this opportunity and apply for the program.


You won’t regret it and will have a life-changing adventure.