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Choosing an AI Automation Platform for your Contact Center

Selecting an AI automation platform to streamline your Contact Center interactions is not a decision to be taken lightly. In this article, we will tell you what questions you should ask and how to choose the one that best suits your needs.

What is an Automation Platform?

Well, an automation platform is a technological solution that allows you to optimize processes by automatically handling repetitive and tedious tasks which do not necessarily require human intervention.

There are numerous platforms for automating various services. However, in this article, we will focus on the Contact Center, which is associated with conversational systems, such as chatbots.

Chatbots are conversational robots. In other words, they are systems that are programmed and designed to have human-like conversations. The goal is for interactions to be as natural as those exchanged with a real person.

The chatbots are the end product of the platform to be implemented, and it’s on that same platform where you will customize and maintain them.

It’s important to understand that there are two types of platforms: those that have AI and those that do not – and that AI makes all the difference.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

AI or Artificial Intelligence is a vast technological field of computer science that enables robots to behave identically to humans. In the case of chatbots, AI allows them to understand what people say and learn from those interactions.

For these kinds of conversational systems, the most important areas of Artificial Intelligence are Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning.

Associated with computational linguistics, NLP, or Natural Language Processing, is the branch that allows the chatbot to process and understand human language, both written and spoken.

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Machine Learning, on the other hand, is the branch that enables the chatbot to learn from the different interactions it has with its users.

With these two forms of input combined with previously programmed learning models, the AI-powered robot is able to answer a variety of complex questions, even if they aren’t yet programmed in its knowledge base.

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Why Choose an AI Automation Platform?

If you think that an automation platform without AI can solve all your problems, think again.

Although they’re useful to a certain extent, interactions with these solutions are based on decision trees where the users click buttons until they get to the desired answer. With such a rigid structure, they may not get what they’re looking for. When they ask a specific question, the chatbot can’t respond.

In contrast, an AI automation platform can answer users’ spontaneous questions. In this way, it makes services much faster and more efficient.

How to Choose an AI Automation Platform?

Before choosing the AI automation platform provider, reflect on your needs with these questions.

1) What sectors do you usually work with?

It’s important that the provider has experience and expertise in the industry in which your Contact Center operates. All of your accumulated know-how should be efficiently utilized to accelerate implementation and bring more intelligence to the chatbot from the start. Terminology, types of questions, workflows, and queries are very different when we talk about health, retail, education, banking, or insurance.

Of course, these platforms are customizable, but it’s better to choose one that already has a long history in your area. Check out the use cases, success stories, references, and previous implementations before you make a decision.

2) Is the technology user-friendly?

Your contact center staff already has to familiarize themselves with all kinds of information about your products and services to effectively help customers.

It’s counterproductive to make them learn complicated programming and data science, the idea is to reduce stress with an AI automation platform.

Choose platforms developed with non-technical people in mind, which are intuitive and easy to use.

The whole point is to optimize your team’s work. Choose bots that adapt to you, not the other way around!

3) Is it simple to integrate with the systems my company uses?

Obviously, you already have your CRM systems to manage and analyze your customer interactions and data.

That said, two things are essential to know. The first is whether it’s possible to integrate the new platform with the programs you already use daily, and the second is whether this integration is easy to do.

Many companies will tell you that they integrate with all kinds of systems. However, this integration can be time-consuming and complex, and the time to launch the solution into your services may be unrealistic and, surprise, gets delayed.

Be careful to choose a vendor who is prepared to deliver a platform with an efficient and transparent strategy to minimize onboarding time without worry.

4) How scalable is the technology you’re going to invest in?

The technological world is constantly growing and won’t wait for the unsavvy.

Be sure that the AI automation platform you invest in keeps up with new trends and the company that provides it is continually improving it with new updates and features to give you the best possible experience every time.

5) Can they ensure the security and protection of my company’s and my customers’ data?

Adopting any technological solution has its risks, and more and more customers and companies prioritize the security and protection of their data.

Data security and protection are significant factors, as we are talking about confidential and personal data. It must be assessed in detail and ensure compliance with laws, such as the GDPR.

Ask what security measures each provider has in place on their platform. Find out what defense mechanisms they use, how often systems are audited, and whether all employees are informed of these same levels of security.

6) What kind of relationship would we have?

To work and to last, the relationship with the supplier must be close and committed. A true win-win partnership. Don’t just look for a company that provides you with a platform and then leaves you to figure out its specifics on your own.

The ideal vendor would provide training and coaching every step of the way, from configuration to customization, implementation, evolution, maintenance, etc., and who understands that the success of one is the success of the other.

Give preference to a company that offers you a proactive, personalized, and quality service. That when you ask questions, you know they will answer them promptly and address any concerns. And that when you have suggestions for improvements or specific needs, you can always count on their support.

From Theory to Practice

At, we are well aware of the challenges that contact centers of large companies, such as banks and insurance companies, face, which is why we strive to offer the best possible AI automation platform.

Through an attractive and intuitive design, everyone who uses it can autonomously edit and update whenever they want.

With an automation level of up to 80%, your contact center teams can finally focus on handling more complex requests that demand a higher level of attention.

In addition, it’s a fully cloud-based platform, which allows, with appropriate security measures, your employees to access it from home if they are working remotely.

And since it’s scalable, it can be implemented on communication channels such as the website, Facebook, or WhatsApp. You can even automate your emails through the email bot solution.

With, you will never feel helpless or unsure of what direction to take because our team will always be there to help you move forward.

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