Our Chatbot Experience in Insurance

Our chatbot experience in Insurance

Chatbots are changing the way companies communicate with their customers. In fact, Gartner predicts that next year 85% of client-enterprise communication will already be automated.

On a large scale, this technology will transform client service in multiple ways, as discussed here. Cost reduction and the possibility of having an assistant online 24/7 to help your customers are just two of the most relevant advantages of this scalable technology.

What can chatbots do for the Insurance sector?

Given their nature, the reality is that chatbots can always add something throughout the value chain of an insurance company. With so many service areas, there are many processes – like taking surveys and filling in application forms – that chatbots can facilitate. This works for clients, who can fill in forms and easily get information via their smartphones or computers, and also for workers, who gain more time to serve their clients better.

Additionally, these virtual assistants facilitate the often long buying process and can suggest other types of products based on customer behavior. The fact that everything is done via messaging apps, a preference of the Millennial generation – noted as one of the worst insurance buyers – is also a point in favor of chatbots.

Practical cases

In Tranquilidade, one of the big Portuguese insurance companies, our chatbot proved useful in many ways.

“This technology was introduced to the company as a proof of concept. With a low budget, Visor was challenged to show us if it was worth investing in this technology,” said Head of Operations, João Luís Marques

“We quickly realized it was fast to implement, user-friendly and created value for our clients because it not only opens a new communication channel, but it also brings us closer to our digital-savvy customers, who will gradually increase in number, even in a 100-year-old company like ours,” adds João.

“We’re ‘teaching’ the bot on a daily basis. The company can now answer in a more autonomous way and we will soon have a transaction feature in use. This is, without a doubt, a technology to publicize our latest deals and offers.”

Tranquilidade also told us that one of their deaf clients, used the chatbot multiple times to get information about the procedure following an accident, which shows that this technology could also help companies to adopt more socially inclusive practices.

Chatbots can always be a plus to companies. However, businesses can lose potential clients when they don’t meet customers’ expectations. This means that if your enterprise wants to invest in a chatbot, it must be one that works according to your expectations.

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