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Top 5 cool features of Heineken Portugal’s chatbot

Heineken Portugal integrated a marketing chatbot in its Facebook Messenger channel! Learn more about this initiative!


The Chatbot of Heineken Portugal

Since people have practically stopped downloading new apps, the integration of chatbots in platforms that people already use, like Facebook Messenger, can be the best of both worlds.

You take an app that lots of people use on a daily basis and make the most of it to get closer to your audience. It’s a win-win: you can maintain a relationship with your clients without bombarding them with spammy e-mails, newsletters, and all kinds of advertisements on other pages. So that’s where the chatbots come in.

In the Facebook Messenger of Heineken Portugal, you can find a chatbot and – if you’re a beer lover – your future best friend.

The chatbot, powered by, which specializes in solutions with Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots in Portugal for customer support and chatbots for marketing, and idealized by On Spot Marketing, has quite a lot of features that connect you to the brand. So, if you want to enjoy your beers and be rewarded at the same time, this chatbot is your “guy”.

For you to fully understand the Portuguese chatbot mechanics, you can visit Heineken Portugal’s Facebook Messenger (a new Facebook Page created to pilot this initiative) and press “Get Started” to start chatting with your new friend. If you’re still hesitating to trust a robot, let me show you some of the things it can do for you:


Subscribe to challenges

Subscribe to Heineken challenges to spontaneously receive some questions about the brand and win extra points if you answer them correctly.


Get your rewards

You can win amazing rewards by answering the challenges and submitting your proof of purchase and receipts, from when you buy Heineken in different supermarkets. Depending on if you play solo or with a group, you have access to different rewards.


Play individually or with friends

The chatbot gives you the choice to participate by yourself or to create a team with your group of friends and then play along. You choose what’s more fun.


Submit your receipts to gain points

Did you know that every time you go to a supermarket to buy Heineken, you can then submit that receipt and the bot will read it automatically? This is done by using image recognition and machine learning which speeds up the analysis of your purchase.

After it has detected that you really bought Heineken, it gives you points to collect and trade for the rewards. No more long waits to send the receipt by post and waiting an eternity to know if you won something.

Get on board to enjoy the Happy Hour

In the “Happy Hour” section, you can share your location with the chatbot and it can – in seconds – show you the closest bars and pubs with Happy Hour during the Champions League’s games. You buy one Heineken and get another one for free!

This chatbot is always thematic, so Heineken can give you different (but always incredible) prizes and rewards depending on the season. In July of 2017, Heineken used the same mechanic to reward Heineken fans with tickets to the sold-out festival NOS Alive.

Did you try it out? What are your thoughts?


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