CableLabs UpRamp by NOS
Articles participated in the CableLabs UpRamp reunion

At the beginning of March, the CableLabs UpRamp reunion took place in Lisbon. In this one, 10 start-ups had the opportunity to present their project. in CableLabs UpRamp Reunion was one of the start-ups invited to join the initiative. This initiative promoted contact between young companies and cable operators.

Cable Labs aggregates 60 cable operators worldwide. It aims to identify the best start-ups with which they can work. This segment has been valued at $500 billion.

The Lisbon meeting, called “CableLabs UpRamp and Start-up Outreach EX,” had a dual purpose:

  • Discuss methods and techniques for identifying, advising, and projecting startups;
  • Highlight the best Portuguese startups that could offer solutions to the cable industry worldwide.

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