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Factorial provides a Human Resources management solution for other companies. With the company’s expansion to Portugal and Brazil, they started in their blog a series of interviews with customers, representatives of start-ups. The first on the list was

The Factorial Interviews

The goal of this initiative is to promote entrepreneurship and the culture of start-ups. But also to make known young Portuguese companies that are having success in their area.

The interview took place with one of our founders of, Gonçalo Consiglieri, and he answered questions related to the company and its human resources management.

At this time of quarantine, companies have to rely on tools and platforms to facilitate their internal processes. The chatbots company uses the Factorial platform for managing and implementing absence policies and procedures.

Throughout the Factorial article, Gonçalo talks about what differentiates from other companies. Such as, for example, using their own Artificial Intelligence or having well-defined-knowledge-base templates for different sectors. He comments on the difficulties they face at an administrative level.

And, on the other hand, the challenge of being able to scale the business, not only in the national market but also internationally. Without neglecting the company’s culture as well as all the processes and methodologies already implemented.

The co-founder closes the interview by referring to the situation of their working regime right now. They’ve adopted the remote work option, complying with the recommendations of the State of Emergency in which the country is.

He also mentions that it may be a future possibility for the company. This regime has several advantages, such as flexibility and agility in attracting qualified professionals.

Read the complete interview How Scales Your Business in Remote Work Times in Factorial’s blog.