Tranquilidade's Virtual Assistant

Tranquilidade’s Virtual Assistant with 37% more Contacts is very proud to work with companies as successful as Tranquilidade and to enhance this success through its virtual assistant.

In Portugal, we are having a hard time with the COVID-19 pandemic. The Health Authority (DGS) advises those who can work from home.

On one hand, where this was not possible, they take preventive measures, recommended by the health authorities. Such as avoiding contact with other people and their belongings.

On the other hand, many companies that could think of the possibility of teleworking had to make a quick decision and put this plan into action.

Tranquilidade’s Virtual Assistant

That’s what happened with Tranquilidade which reinforced its non-face-to-face service channels. The insurance company forwards incoming calls to the virtual assistant chat option available on the company’s website and WhatsApp. This solution would maintain the amazing level of service that Tranquilidade has. This call redirection allowed for a 37% increase in chat contacts.

In the chatbot option, in a typical month, the demand for this solution reaches 6000 conversations. Shortly, in the virtual assistant chat, it is possible to ask questions about products, ask for ATM references, request a second copy of the insurance documents, among others.

With’s partnership, the transition went smoothly, maintaining the efficiency rate – the attendance without human assistance – at 70%.

So, you can send a message to 917 775 432 and contact Tranquilidade’s chatbot, powered by Alternatively, you can also access the chatbot through the website.