Articles secures 4.4 million Euros in funding

After six successful years, the Conversational AI platform aims to be the leading international reference in Responsible AI applied to contact centers.

Lisbon, March 9, 2023 –, a Portuguese software house focused on customer service automation solutions with Artificial Intelligence, has secured funding of 4.4 million euros.

Of the total funding, €2.3 million comes from Venture Capital funds, which include Lince Capital,, and M4 Ventures. The remaining amount is non-refundable and comes from the Recovery and Resilience Plan (RRP) that will help create the world’s largest Responsible AI consortium.

The funds will be used for’s international expansion and for hiring new research and development talent. The focus on Responsible AI will create a set of principles and practices to ensure that artificial intelligence usage is ethical, impartial, transparent, and responsible in customer contact centers. In addition, new developments and functionalities in the current product will allow customers to continue to make their Customer Service Operations even more efficient. provides a web platform that enables the development of intelligent conversational agents (such as ChatBots, VoiceBots, and MailBots), 100% customizable by contact center teams and partners.

In other words, it implements solutions that automate repetitive processes and interactions in internal and customer service communication using artificial intelligence, but not only that. It’s a tool that allows companies to improve the efficiency of their teams. The end user receives an immediate response that, 80% of the time, does not require the intervention of a human assistant, so the waiting and response times are considerably reduced.

The Portuguese technology company has already delivered more than 100 intelligent conversation agents to more than 50 companies, such as the Generali Group, Millennium BCP, BNP Paribas, Fidelidade, Zurich, among many others, with an incident resolution rate of more than 80%. The high efficiency is due to the Machine Learning technologies, Natural Language Processing, and technical features that are involved in its solutions.

Paulo Falcão from LC Ventures: “We invested in because it is a startup with great growth potential in the area of Conversational AI, focused on solutions for Banking and Insurance. The company has a broad base of anchor customers in these sectors and has an exceptional talent pool.”

Tomás Lavin Peixe from Lince Capital: “It was with great pleasure that we participated in the recent investment round of, a Portuguese company in the artificial intelligence sector. At Lince Capital, we value companies that actively contribute to solving real problems through innovative solutions based on globally scalable business models, of which is an excellent example. The company’s disruptive technology, which aims to automate processes and simplify interactions between customers and institutions, combined with a solid customer base, especially in the financial sector, were undoubtedly some of the reasons that motivated our willingness to be part of this project. The expectations for the coming years are very positive, so we couldn’t be more excited to contribute and support the company in its growth and international expansion.”

Luis Gutman from M4 Ventures: “M4 Ventures identified in a great potential for international expansion from the beginning of our evaluation, and also, an incredible ability to execute. has a solid product, a highly qualified team, and a challenging and innovative roadmap. We are thrilled to be part of this journey.”


Founded in 2016, is a software company that has developed an intelligent conversation platform for chat, email, and voice channels, catering to organizations seeking to evolve toward customer service and/or internal communication automation. With a team of over 40 employees, a number that continues to grow, the company has provided intelligent communication services for over 50 clients, particularly in the insurance and banking sectors, including the Generali Group, Millennium BCP, and BNP Paribas, boasting a problem resolution rate of over 80% without human intervention.