in the roadshow to China with Protechting in the roadshow to China with Protechting

We had the opportunity to participate in the roadshow to China organized by Fosun for the winners of Protechting, and it was an amazing experience for many reasons.

First, we had the opportunity to meet the Fosun Group, their associated companies, structure and strategy. This was an amazing opportunity for us to learn about the company that can be a great partner for us. Both on the commercial side and as a possible future investor of our company.

Also, this visit allowed us to meet the Chinese market and culture, the main challenges and opportunities in case we decided to start operating in this country, and to know more about some services and trends in China that are leading the future of our sector, like WeChat! We were mesmerized by the importance of this service in China and the numerous functionalities it has. Not only as a chat platform but also as a payment method and so on. It has utilities that we can implement in Europe, and it’s a possibility we’ll implement our system in this platform.

During this visit, we also participated in an international pitch competition in Ningbo, which was broadcasted in Chinese television. This was an amazing and exciting experience, where we could have a close contact with chinese startups and their ecosystem.

Great atmosphere

Both this pitch competition and all the experience in China were great for us to enrich our relationship with Bdeo and Amiko, the other winners of Protechting with whom we are exploring some synergies. Also with Rita Delgado from Fosun and José Maria Freitas from Fidelidade. They joined us for the whole week and did a hell of a job to always make us feel great. And to promote our projects through Fosun’s companies and partners!

After this experience, we truly feel we have matured. Both as a Startup and as persons – due to all the experiences we lived and the people we met.

A big thank you to Fosun and Fidelidade for all the opportunities that they gave us, not only during this trip but since the first moment that we met in Protechting.

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