Hi, we are Visor.ai!

Since 2016, we help you improve your company's customer service. We automate your interactions with consumers and/or your company's intern network through different channels like chat, email, and voice

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Our focus is to achieve and provide an omnichannel strategy. This way, you’ll have a client-centric and consistent service throughout the different channels. Additionally, our solution is adaptable to your already existing systems. Therefore, you can have total control and the highest service!

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We believe everybody must experience a fantastic service every time they interact with a company. No matter where they are or what channel they use. To sum up, it should always be a positive experience that brings them back and makes them loyal consumers.


Visor.ai team and solution help you to end with highly frequent and programmable tasks. Potentiate your customer support team’s daily work. Thus, they can concentrate and resolve more complex issues.

Potentiate customer support

We ensure you a faster, higher, and 24/7 customer service in any sector.



Gonçalo Consiglieri

Co-founder and COO

Gianluca Pereyra

Co-founder and CEO

Bruno Matias

Co-founder and CTO


We are coachable, adaptable and helpful

work in the office
Team Working

With a young, passionate team, full of determination and willingness to win, we want to grow and strive for excellence. We value and support everyone’s work because together, we always go further.

Co-founder Gianluca and Co-founder Gianluca working
fun at work
team playing playstation

Sometimes, we like to get together after work, have great dinners, and debate ideas. We think that investing in team-building activities (such as our TED Beers) and the well-being of all is crucial to have satisfied employees. We are happy as a team and do what we love.

team playing playstation and drinking
employee's birthday


Our values keep us connected and guide our daily decisions


Development and Training

We offer internal training and the possibility to go to
conferences and workshops outside our company.

Work Environment

Possibility to work in a relaxed, agile, flexible and joyful environment in the
Beta-i Technological Hub.
employee with company's shareholder

Employee Stock Options

We provide the possibility to participate in up to 10% of the company's shareholder structure, according to the objectives plan outlined.
employee with Health Insurance

Health Insurance

All of our employees benefit from health insurance.
celebrating birthday

Company Retreats

We organize team-building events regularly and celebrate important dates, such as birthdays.

We are looking forward to having more talented people!

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