Best Bank revealed its successes with's solution

Best Bank revealed its successes with’s solution

João Lourenço Cabrita – leader of the Innovation and New Partnerships team at Best Bank – was one of the speakers at the 1st edition of Insights by and revealed some data on the success of BEA.

He spoke about his analysis of the future and the trends in the positioning of companies in relation to technological evolution.

The solution

Finding the best long-term investment option is one of the interests of Best Bank clients. Hence the partnership between the bank and, more specifically BEA.

This virtual assistant uses Artificial Intelligence and automation processes. Therefore, it is a great solution to find, maintain and recover clients online. Additionally, it produces personalized interactions based on user information, such as the language it uses, among others. This information is beneficial for both sides (user and company). For the user, because it has a personalized service, designed for what you are specifically looking for. And for the company, because it has a richer database, which improves and perfects the company’s communications. Having said that, there are no more difficult conversations with technical language.


Despite the thousands of contacts that BEA generates per month through Banco Best’s website and Facebook Messenger, João Cabrita says that he and his team don’t dedicate more than 10 min per day to it. Even with the 26 thousand product combinations and the direct sale of insurance for devices, BEA’s current efficiency rate is 82%. In other words, it has the capacity to respond without requiring human intervention.

BEA comes up with the goal of reinforcing interactions with the bank and providing assistance and access to information to clients who are interested in investing and do not know how to do it.

The Best Bank assistant responds to these requests and many others. She uses complex metric extraction to find the most suitable options for her users.

Customer-centered Era

The leader of the Best Bank Innovation team says we are in the Age of Big Data and at its center is the consumer.

Companies want to win more customers, keep the current ones, get closer and recover old ones. So you need to know who is on the other side, who is buying and what the needs and interests of that person are.
This information is possible with companies’ investment in Artificial Intelligence. The answers and solutions are in the clients and it is with them that one has to learn.

Big Data with Simplesurence AI plays a key role in helping companies understand the world more easily and solve their customers’ future problems.

People have different ways of exposing and seeing the same problem. Sometimes, the same can have numerous solutions, able to meet the expectations of each. In turn, different issues can have the same solution. This is where the solution with AI comes in, enabling process facilitation.

Digital disruption

The world is constantly changing and today’s behaviors, habits, expectations, and needs are different from those of tomorrow.
In the eyes of João Cabrita, digital disruption is everywhere. It is no longer connected to basic actions, like accessing our bank account via mobile phone. But rather, to actions like our fridge to make an evaluation of its interior and buy what is missing (through automatic e-commerce connections). We have to follow and promote these changes derived from digital evolution.

The event speaker advises companies to understand what role they want to play in this change. It has everything to do with the experience that is offered to the customer and, for this, it is important to have agility in adapting the services. The challenge is how to make everything simpler and more immediate for the client.

Companies need to get closer to their customers online and be available at any time. However, it is not only the channel that matters. On the contrary, the important thing is to be where the customer is. Whether it’s by calling, message, in person.
For João Cabrita, it’s all about what’s positive for the client. Each person has their own personality and this deserves to be valued.

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