Milaneza's Chatbot - a chatbot for a pasta company

Milaneza’s Chatbot: The Way to Get Amazing Recipes

Milaneza is a brand that has always been with us, and now when it comes to deciding what to cook, it helps with a chatbot that gives you recipes!

It arrived on the market in 1933 and is the favorite of the Portuguese people, being the leading pasta brand in Portugal.

The brand has a wide variety of products and is continually bringing innovation to the public. However, to get a little closer to its consumers, it decided to invest in digital contact channels, namely Facebook Messenger.

That’s how the chatbot that gives recipes was born, developed by in partnership with NOSSA, a marketing agency.

Recently, with the confinement at home, many people take the opportunity to learn new hobbies and enhance talents already acquired.

While some adapt to do physical activities in their homes, others take their chef’s hat off and become authentic chefs.

From bread to more elaborate dishes, the most complicated thing is choosing what to do. Well, this is where Milaneza’s chatbot comes into play on social networks.

The Chatbot of Milaneza: How does it work?

Through Milaneza’s chatbot, provided by, you can discover healthy and innovative recipes for every meal. To do this, register some ingredients you have available in your pantry. With just two elements and Milaneza products, you have immediate access to numerous recipes. You only have to make the difficult decision of which one to choose.

In addition to the recipes, you can also learn a little more about the brand’s history, its first logos, and other interesting facts about its evolution.

The chatbot also offers the chance to talk to an assistant. If you have any questions about the products or other issues, go to the Milaneza chat on Facebook Messenger.

The Advantages of’s Solution

The chatbot’s implementation in Milaneza’s Facebook Messenger allows the brand to have closer contact with its customers. With the consumer’s answers, the company knows which ingredients are the most searched for and can thus increase the number of recipes with those same elements.

This solution allows the brand to make people know all its products and possible ways of making them, increasing its spectrum of consumers and being more attentive to them.

The result is another great marketing campaign powered by If you want to have one as good as Milaneza, don’t wait any longer, and contact us!