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UX/UI Design: 5 Steps to Have the Most Mind-Blowing Experience

In an increasingly technological world, your product must be visually attractive and easy to use. In this article, we present to you the notions of UX and UI Design and how they can improve the user experience.

What is UX/UI Design?

You’ve probably heard of it, but you don’t know what it means or how it applies. Often confused, UX and UI Design are distinct concepts, although they relate.

UX Design is about User Experience concerning the product presented to you. This area is related to the path the user takes and his/her feelings when moving, for example, in websites or applications.

This part of the Design aims to provide a good user experience. Create empathy and satisfaction so that the user doesn’t feel frustrated during the process.

UI Design stands for User Interface Design. It deals with how the user navigates through the product.

The interfaces can be visual or not. An example of optical elements is a button and a non-visual are, for example, voice interactions.

The goal of UI is to create an intuitive and functional interaction element, thus complementing UX.

Simply put, to have a good design, your product has to consist of two parts: the Usability part and the Interface part.

UX Design relates to the product flows and structure, and UI Design deals with elements that can be more visual (color, typography, etc.).

The Creation of a Product

It is crucial to have a customer-centric strategy. This strategy means putting yourself in the user’s shoes but also listening to what the user has to say.

Only then, from these two factors, can you offer the best possible product. Therefore, always take into account the opinion of your customers when creating and updating your product.

Offering an experience of excellence that meets the needs of your consumers is your goal.

For the product to be consistent, it is essential to always adopt a preparation and execution model, following specific criteria.

These criteria allow the products you present always to have the best quality regardless of the customer intent.

Each customer has its particularities. Although it always has the same basis, these characteristics are taken into account when customizing the project and, consequently, the final product.

The Stages of a Project

The creation of a project has different stages.

Problem Survey

Start this process by meeting with your clients. Conduct interviews to understand what their needs and motivations are. This way, you know what requests you have to fulfill.

Results’ Analysis

After all the interviews, analyze the information you’ve collected, then judge the situation. Identify the points that need attention to create an innovative solution that meets what the client wants.


Based on the customer’s research work and idealizations, create a prototype where you can test the solution to the problem.


At this stage, meet again with the client and present the prototype. Test the usability of the product you created.

Watch the customer interact with the product and take notes. The goal is to understand if these interactions are intuitive.

The test consists of tasks. That is, throughout the experiment, request actions from the customer. The client has to perform them, without yet knowing the paths he has to take.

Through this test, you can identify the level of intuition of the product. If there are situations where the user has to think more about his action or if he finds something unexpected, then it’s better to rethink and make improvements in the process.

These improvements can be more mechanical, like changing the path the user has to take. Or something more visual, such as the position of a button, the color or the text.

At the end of the test, the user must explain what his experience was like and suggests improvements.


Depending on the information collected in the previous phase, improve the details where users had more difficulty during the test.

It is by following these five steps that the UX/UI Design is processed.

User Experience is a field that is continually developing, looking for better experiences and ways to innovate. That’s why, when you complete these steps, you repeat the process until you get the best possible result.

The Advantages of Having a UX/UI Process

The UX/UI process has a primary purpose, and that is the satisfaction of the client. However, it also brings other advantages to the company.


When the user can carry out his tasks successfully, intuitively, and autonomously, he feels fulfilled and satisfied. Consequently, there is no need to look for other solutions. In this way, you strengthen your relationship with the customer.

If a person has a pleasurable experience, they likely share it with others. It is through this sharing that you can gain new customers because it arouses curiosity and desire to know more about your company.

Cost Saving

Since you take into account the customer’s opinion and develop the product based on this information, no significant changes are necessary once you implement the development.

The UX process allows you to predict possible problems, and in this way, you’re able to avoid them. However, small changes may be necessary, but not a total reconstruction of the project.

By being able to carry out the tasks autonomously, the user will not have so much need for support, and there the company gains resources.

Product Valorization

By investing so that your product has a good Usability, you’re valuing it. Therefore, by adding value and innovation, you make it more competitive in the market.

Visor.ai’s Experience

At Visor.ai, we always take into consideration the opinions of our clients.

Both at the beginning and during our journey with a customer, their opinion is fundamental.

We think it’s essential to follow the steps mentioned above because only in this way is it possible to offer a consistent, innovative, and flawless service.

Visor.ai’s platform has always been subject to feedback from our customers as it is for their use. So it makes sense that they have something to say about it.

Every improvement we make is thinking about you and what can be most beneficial for your team.

What are you waiting for to enjoy a great experience? Get in touch with us now!