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Back Office: Get to Know’s Platform has grown and, based on this growth, we have presented several success stories. Our automation solution helps customers to achieve optimal results. So, we thought it was time to get you to know it better. Let you know how the Back Office platform works and what makes it so accessible!

The Back Office (BO) corresponds to the human and software part that does not contact customers. Some features we constantly stress is that it is low code and you don’t need any computer skills to use it. Therefore, anyone can use it without problems.

Shortly, in the BO, you can build the chatbot’s interactions. You can analyze data and build a knowledge base. As well as customize your communications (what appears to the user when everything is live). You can create and check how your chatbot responds to your customers.’s Platform

On this platform, you customize your chatbot. You can streamline interactions with the client without them being just basic text answers. Of course, your knowledge base will already be defined at this stage. It is built at an early stage. It is a joint co-creation process between our team and the client’s contact center team.

For your bot to perform at its best, it must meet three requirements: enrich the database, integrate it into your platforms (website or apps), and train it regularly.

How to Launch a Successful Chatbot

The first step is critical. Think of your chatbot as a house. For it to stand, it is imperative that it has a good foundation. This is exactly what you will do with your virtual assistant. You will give it the foundation it needs to stand upright. You’ll have to feed it with the questions and answers that your contact center deals with daily, knowledge intrinsic to your sector (such as concepts and expressions that your company uses), among others.

The second step is the official launch of your company’s communication channels. Before being launched, was concerned with having a customer-centric platform. That is, the platform is designed according to the feedback from our clients, adapting it to their needs. With the launch of the chat, you can complement your database and take metric information from the procedures and more regular issues of your customers.

The last step to get your bot working properly is maintenance. From the interactions you will have with the public, you will be able to analyze the questions that your virtual assistant was able to answer successfully, those who had doubts, and those who did not know. Many times, when the chatbot doesn’t know how to answer it is because that question doesn’t exist in the database. In our platform, you can add it easily using the training block.

Implementation Time

On average, with, the entire bot implementation cycle takes 6 weeks. In the first two to three weeks, the creation of the first knowledge base begins. This information is used if the client already has conversation scripts or some kind of list of client questions. If they do not have or want to speed up this phase, they can use Database templates created by At the moment, there are templates for the banking and insurance sectors.

In the remaining weeks after the creation, gives training to the teams working with the Back Office. At this time, the clients complement the existing database and make the final adjustments for the official release of the bot.

Although this process is very accessible, our clients are always supported by the team, having all the necessary help at any time.

Valuable features

Another added value of our platform is the ability to send information or advertising campaigns to your customers privately and more generally. Imagine that you have a special campaign for a group of customers who are interested in a particular product. On the platform, you can also send a message/campaign just for them besides defining that specific group.


If you want to know more details about our platform, don’t hesitate to contact us!