Customer-Centric Strategy

Customer-Centric Strategy: The Amazing Results of this Approach

For companies, more than ever, having a customer-centric strategy is crucial. Listening to and taking into account consumer opinion is the only way to keep your brand in focus.


Long gone are the times when having a good quality product was enough to be the best in the market. If such a product doesn’t solve the problems of a specific target audience, it will hardly bring the desired value and quickly cease to be necessary and go into decline.

The product is vital, of course, but there is something that is more valued by the customer and that significantly influences his decision-making: the business-client relationship. Meaning, the behavior that the company takes when facing the consumer, both in person and in the digital world. The way it communicates and how it demonstrates its willingness to keep it as a regular customer over the years.

Product development should result in a consequence of interactions with customers and potential customers and not the other way around. Companies that focus exclusively on the product rather than on the customer’s needs quickly fall into decay.


But What Does It Mean to Have a Customer-Centric Strategy?

A customer-centric strategy is nothing more than a form of business that offers the best experience both when buying the product and during its use.

The American Marketing Association says it’s essential to focus on some factors, such as experience, loyalty, and communication with the customer, as well as the product and the customer’s opinion.

Offering a positive experience and winning consumer loyalty should be the goal of companies. Although the customer is not always right, the customer service should treat him with sympathy and respect. In a situation where a problem may not be solved entirely, these may be the factors that make you stay and continue to invest in your company.

It is essential to maintain a close relationship with the client from the beginning. Make him/her feel special and not just another one. That’s why customizing the content according to the person, is crucial. Listening and taking into account what the customer is looking for and needs.

It has already happened, for sure, to buy a product and a few days later receive a message about other promotions that may interest you. Well, this is what we are talking about: having all the attention focused on the customer. Knowing what you want and giving you a possible answer. If you were satisfied with the first one, why not a second purchase?


Being Where the Consumer Is

Nowadays, with technological advances, it is necessary to be where the customers are, and that means: in social networks and communication applications. Studies show that the most used applications by the Portuguese are WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

It is on digital channels that companies have to bet, both in terms of customer support and lead generation. The use of chatbots is one of the fastest ways to reach the user and be constantly with him throughout the various phases. Whatever your industry, it is one of the most beneficial ways to get closer to your consumer, wherever they are.

Take, for example, the case of Banco Best. They say that BEA (chatbot powered by allows them to get closer to the customers. It allows them to listen and understand what clients wanted. In this way, it manages to keep consumers satisfied and loyal.


Keeping the Client Interested and Updated

There are other ways to keep your customer interested and up-to-date with your brand. Let’s talk in particular about newsletters.

Newsletters are widely used by marketing, as in the situation mentioned before. After making a purchase, you will receive e-mails that forward you to other products and news.

You must always consider the customer’s needs, and it is essential to stand by the customer. If you don’t think the strategy out and send the newsletters without much treatment, the most certain thing is that the customer stops subscribing or marks it as spam. And we don’t want that. We must take care of and pay attention to detail because the customer will consider this.

If the customer is well taken care of and has a positive experience, he will undoubtedly be attentive or curious when he receives your communications.

In the end, you know you have a great customer-centric strategy when all mentioned above happens.


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