Improving Lisbon’s city life… once again!

Improving Lisbon’s city life… once again!

As alumni of the first edition of Smart Open Lisboa (SOL), back in 2016, got to work with Lisbon City Hall with the premise to improve the citizens’ quality of life. The program put all the city’s data available to the participating startups so they could think of how their solutions could improve Lisbon’s city life and make it more of a smart city.

So, developed a chatbot in the Facebook Messenger of Lisbon City Hall and helped them reduce the workload of their contact center. You can find out more about our participation here.

Now, given the success of the Facebook Messenger chatbot, we just extended this chatbot to a chatwidget in Lisbon City Hall’s website to provide online support to the citizens, available 24/7 to answer their questions.

If you want to see any of your doubts solved within minutes, in an easy and comfortable way, without having to pick up the phone or go to the municipalities’ infrastructures, now is even easier to do so just by choosing which one fits you best: going to the Facebook Messenger or their website.

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