Chatbot de marketing da Margão Portugal

Celebrating the 60 years of Margão with a marketing chatbot

Margão, a Portuguese spices brand, celebrates its 60th anniversary with an innovative chatbot! Learn more about this campaign!

Margão and

June 2018 started in a big way!

Margão, through On Spot Net, with launched a marketing chatbot! developed a chatbot for the marketing campaign celebrating the 60th anniversary of the spices brand. Always aiming to spice up your imagination!

The brand celebrates its anniversary and rewards its audience with a book of 60 recipes! All of them are made with the brand’s spices. Each recipe represents one of the years of commercialization in Portugal.

To win one of the 2000 books that Margão has to offer, all you have to do is buy 10 (yes, only 10!) euros of products at the supermarket. Then, simply send the receipt to the chatbot on Facebook Messenger to validate the purchase.

The process is easy and interactive!

Chat with the chatbot to win prizes, access a variety of recipes, and learn more about this Portuguese brand.

Embark on this chatbot for a tasty trip to Margão, the Indian city of spices, without leaving the table!

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