LinkUp - Programa de criação de valor da everis

Everis Distinguished on Entrepreneurship

Everis launched LinkUp in 2017. In this program, he found and considered it a good venture project.

LinkUp: The Everis Program

The consulting firm toured the country and chose 17 startups with which it wanted to collaborate.

The goal was to form a partnership between the consulting company and the participating companies to create valuable solutions.

The Linkup business program focused on three key points:

  • generating increased business for both Everis and the startups;
  • creating collaboration between the national entrepreneurial ecosystem and the international marketplace;
  • developing a culture of sharing the innovative spirit of start-ups with Everis and offering a greater strategic vision to young companies.

The choice was based on the level of innovation of the projects and the fit with the consulting company’s main business areas. stood out among the other young companies.

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