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Articles participation in Smart Open Lisbon was one of the start-ups selected for the experimentation phase of the Smart Open Lisbon program. It helped transform Lisbon into an innovation lab.


Smart Open Lisbon – SOL

The start-up implementation program, known as SOL, aims to promote open data innovation. Its focus is to validate solutions to improve life in the city of Lisbon.

This initiative has partnerships with institutions and companies such as Beta-i, Startup Lisboa, Cisco, PT, and Turismo de Portugal.

The SUN includes 4 different areas: community involvement, mobility, sustainability, tourism, and culture. It is to these challenges that the participants have to respond.

To do so, open data from the sponsors was made available to the start-ups in order to overcome the city’s problems.

Among the numerous applications, was selected for the pilot phase, along with 8 other start-ups. This phase will last six weeks.’s proposal was to implement a chatbot in the City of Lisbon’s Facebook Messenger. This conversational robot had the goal of automatically answering the most frequent questions from the Portuguese capital’s citizens.

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