in Data Pitch

The participation in Data Pitch is currently participating in the Data Pitch program, an accelerator program aimed at supporting young companies.

Our co-founder, Gianluca Pereyra, shared in a short interview’s aspirations for the event.

Data Pitch is an innovation program funded by the EU. This program aims to bring public sector companies, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), and startups together.

For this project, proposed the development and implementation of a chatbot service for companies that organize “Hop-on Hop-off” bus tours in tourist destinations.

That said, the chatbot would be integrated into the website or Facebook Messenger of the companies. In this way, people buying these trips, when traveling, would be able to ask the chatbot any questions they had about the places they were passing through and would get an answer instantly.

In addition, through the virtual assistant, they can know where the buses are in real-time. They also have an option to buy tickets for tourist attractions and national monuments.

A chatbot for these companies is a great option to provide better customer service. With fast and efficient answers, users get their questions about the places they pass by instantly.


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