won the second edition of Protechting
Articles won Protechting was one of the winners of the 2nd edition of the Protechting program. Learn more about the project that we presented and led us to victory!

Protechting Program

Protechting is an innovation program carried out by Fidelidade and Fuson in partnership with Beta-i, a start-up incubator. It aims to bring technological start-ups closer to large companies in the banking, insurance, and health areas.
The second edition of this program received 119 applications from 31 countries. However, the final phase had only 14 young companies from 9 countries. Four of these were Portuguese.
The prizes in this 2nd edition consisted of a 10-thousand-euro prize and a road show in China.
In addition, the winning companies may be eligible to win an equity stake or have their solution integrated into a Fidelidade, Luz Saúde, or other company of the Fuson group.

We won!

Three start-ups passed from the final phase and one of them – the only Portuguese start-up – was!
We participated with a solution for automating interactions between companies and customers. For this, we used chatbots with Artificial Intelligence.
The goal of this solution is to decrease costs and work of the Customer Support teams. In addition, to increase the level of service of the companies.
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