in Poland – Huge Thing Kick Off! in Poland – Huge Thing Kick Off!

Wytam! For the people who have been following over the last couple of years, is no surprise that we like to participate in acceleration programs. So far we’ve been in Portugal, Spain, UK, Chile, and now we are very happy to have arrived to Poland 🙂

There’s a very specific reason why applies and participates in this type of programs. It often allows us to meet new challenges and pilot our solution with bigger companies. If the results turn out positive, that means a new client for us. With Huge Thing, we will make everything possible so that won’t be any different.

Huge Thing is an intensive acceleration programme, based in Poland in which we are proud to participate. This is the 6th Edition of the program and has Santander Bank, Procter and Gamble, Speed Up and Google as main partners. Over the next 4 months we will participate in different workshops, receive mentoring from the partners of the program, attend international events as Wolves Summit, and test pilot our solutions with the partners.

The accelerations program takes place in the beautiful venue of Google Campus Warsaw. It is filled with other startups and entrepreneurs eager to scale their solutions.

Want to know more? Don’t be a stranger and reach out.

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