Startup predictions to 2019

According to ECO: is one of the startups to watch in 2019

ECO mentioned as one of the startups to keep an eye on in 2019. They talked to some experts and found out what were their predictions for 2019 in the tech area.

Pedro Rocha Vieira, CEO, and co-founder of Beta-i, highlighted us and some other startups in the tech field in this new year. The recognition, he says, is deserved because of our founders’ vision and ambition. He also mentions the work we’ve been developing with Fidelidade since Protechting in 2017 as a success case for our company.

According to Rocha Vieira, the startups that deserve recognition are ones that have new ideas, groundbreaking tech solutions, and disruptive business models. Besides, he points to the motivation and focus of the entrepreneurs. This makes a difference when it comes to obtaining good results. Also, he refers that these are the characteristics that boost success, in an economy in rapid growth and mutation.

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