90 % of the banking sector's interactions will be automatic by 2022

90% of the banking sector’s interactions will be automatic by 2022

Event: Insights by Visor.ai – Automated Communications between Companies and People

The banking sector invests the most in the automation of interactions. As a result, over 90% of bank-customer interactions will be automated by 2022. Meanwhile, a more general view predicts that 80% of companies want to use chatbots.

Automation is a cost-effective strategic solution for medium and large companies. Consequently, these tools will save the banking industry $7,3 billion (over €6,0 billion) worldwide.

The data above led to the organization of Insights by Visor.ai – Automated Communications between Companies and People. The event 1st edition will take place on October 16 and starts at 3 pm (at Avenida Duque de Loulé, 12 in Lisbon, Beta-i‘s offices).

Teresa Santos and João Luís Marques from Tranquilidade, João Lourenço Cabrita from Banco BEST, Miguel Tapada from On Spot Net, and Gianluca Pereyra from Visor.ai will be the speakers. They are some of the major references in innovation and transformation. Therefore, their talks will be about their experiences and the future of automated interactions.

Today, companies benefit a lot from the automation of standard interactions. Especially, regarding customer acquisition, tracking, and recovery stages. 74% of Customer Support departments report that this implementation highly improved their services. To clarify, it decreased error rates and improved user experience. The efficiency of response has a huge increase with Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Testimonials: Portuguese companies that implemented chatbots

The pioneering chatbot of Portugal’s national bank is BEA. Implemented by Banco BEST, BEA is a Visor.ai‘s solution. According to João Lourenço Cabrita, this type of solution is “Simple, straightforward and 24 hours a day”. The most common customer questions were summed up and, to provide the best possible answer to the questions asked, BEA uses AI. Above all, “BEA is a collaboration between customer support and product areas”, he explained.

Likewise, the insurance sector also follows this trend. João Luís Marques revealed: “We quickly realized it was fast to implement, user-friendly and created value for our clients“. Moreover, it opens a new communication channel and also brings the company closer to digital-savvy customers, he added.

In addition, he affirmed, “We’re ‘teaching’ the bot on a daily basis. The company can now answer more autonomously and will soon have transaction features in use. This is, for sure, a welcome addition to the company’s service repertoire.”

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