Winners of Protechting 2.0

Fidelidade and A Relationship That Goes Beyond Time

Our relationship with Fidelidade began in early 2017 when we were one of the winners of the 2nd edition of Protechting.

The accelerator program, powered by Fidelidade and Fosun in partnership with Beta-i, chose 3 winners and, being one of them, we were rewarded with a 10 thousand euros prize and a roadshow to China.

Since then, we have developed a close relationship with the insurance company.

The first chatbot 

As part of the Protechting 2.0 pilot, and Fidelidade began working together.

We developed a chatbot for Fidelidade’s Facebook Messenger that knew how to answer the most frequent interactions. This way it dispensed their customer support team from answering the same things over and over again.

After more than one year, that chatbot is still there, and it was a great opportunity for us to show the main advantages of a chatbot and to scale to other channels within the company.

The invitation to MozTech

As a result of the first achievement, we maintained our strong relationship with Fidelidade. Since they see as a successful case from their program, they usually invite us to share our experience in Protechting 2.0. at MozTech 2018

We went to Mozambique to talk at MozTech, a technological fair that took place in Maputo in May. We were there talking about the “Ecosystem of the technological entrepreneurship”.

Panel discussion at Web Summit 2018

Web Summit 2018 was special for Fidelidade and Protechting. The Protechting 3.0 final pitch took place at the event and was invited once again to be present.

This time, we were part of a panel discussion about “How to develop a successful work between startups and corporates?”. and Protechting at Web Summit 2018
Our Co-founder Gianluca Pereyra, Manuel Tanger, Co-founder and Head of Innovation @ Beta-i, Filipe Martins from Fidelidade, and Pedro Sousa from Jack the Maker.

Above all, the discussion was very interesting and enlightening because we had the chance to share our experiences and, at the same time, get to know the point of view of the other participants.

The next steps

As we know that we bring value to each other, the relationship between us and Fidelidade is growing and evolving. We are currently working on 2 new projects that will come out this year.

We can say that Protechting really was a turning point for us. It took place in an early stage of our path and actually changed the way we do business. We now focus on our clients’ real pains and develop what meets their needs.

Looking back, we have only good memories of this partnership and are thankful to be surrounded by such incredible associates. Now we look forward to you seeing the new projects we’ll have out there!