GALP with a Brand New Internal WhatsApp Chatbot

GALP with a Brand New Internal WhatsApp Chatbot

Galp now has an internal chatbot on its WhatsApp channel. One of the largest Portuguese gas and energy companies implemented’s solution.

The 300-year-old company is present at any time of our day. When we take the bus or turn on the light at home or work on our computer. We are so dependent on it that without power, our world stops.

Galp is a company with a big weight in our daily lives. For being such a massive company, it has to update itself constantly, both on a sustainable and technological level.

We are all increasingly aware of the environmental impacts we have on the planet. Our ecological footprint and the extreme use of fossil resources are subjects of great concern. However, Galp is aware of climate change. That’s why it has been considered the most sustainable company in its sector in Europe. And the third-best in the world!

Galp Innovating with an Internal Chatbot

Galp also focuses on keeping up with the times and technology, which is constantly evolving. And, in times of pandemic, it had to find a way to get closer to its employees. We must take into account that it’s a Portuguese energy company, but it’s spread over 11 countries and four continents.

In order to always be in contact with all of its workers, it needed to find a solution. That’s when Galp found’s solution: the chatbot. With this option, they could easily help and inform the most distant employees.

The automation technology of interactions allows the company to be closer. This automation can be included in the most diverse communication channels and, in this case, Galp chose the WhatsApp application.

The WhatsApp channel was the most obvious option for Galp since it’s the most used communication application in the world. In addition, all employees have easy access, all they need is a smartphone. Because it is a mobile application, it can be accessed anywhere.

Galp’s Internal Chatbot

Currently, all attention is focused on the fight against COVID-19 and Galp is no exception. To help the community, the company has offered countless resources to health units and school support for distance learning. However, it wanted to do something for its workers as well.

The oil company implemented a chatbot system in WhatsApp to keep its employees informed and safe. This chatbot presents the current infection data depending on the country in question.

Galp is present in many countries. Angola, Guinea-Bissau, and Mozambique are just some of them. For this reason, the employees receive information according to their location.

The Main Mission of Galp’s Chatbot

The chatbot provides information about the disease, daily updates on the status of each region and the company’s contingency plan. But it also provides prevention measures and emergency contacts to support workers.

The platform is low-code and cloud-based. This means that Galp’s team can autonomously manage all bot content. Plus, they can operate it remotely.

Galp now has an official COVID-19 information service powered by This is an internal chatbot, specifically for employees, with hundreds of users every month.

Be like Galp and communicate with its employees, wherever they are. For more information, contact