How to Help Your Customer Service in Pandemic Times

How to Help Your Customer Service in Pandemic Times

In times of crisis, it’s common for people to have a greater need for customer support services. However, do we know what impacts this increase has on customer service teams?

The new coronavirus pandemic has affected many companies in different ways. Consequently, it has also harmed the different departments within them in different ways. While the finance department tries to do the cash-flow management of the company, the Human Resources department draws plans of who goes to the layoff regime. The sales department strives to keep the consumer buying and the technology department finds ways for colleagues to work from home. However, one of the hardest-hit was the customer service department.


The Impact on Customer Service

For you to get a better idea of the impact on customer support, Tethr conducted a study. In this, it analyzed about one million calls to contact centers from approximately 20 companies from different sectors. This research occurred in the first two weeks following the World Health Organization‘s pandemic declaration. Its objective was to analyze, through an algorithm, the level of effort of consumer interactions to reach its end. The spectrum ranged from “difficult” to “easy.”

The results of this study report that the average level of difficulty passed 20% when the usual average was only 10%. Most of the subjects dealt with were a consequence of the virus situation. In particular, the cancellation of travel, insurance, or other matters, such as the suspension of payments for services.

The level of difficulty in completing orders and the increase in customer anxiety are just some of the factors that complicate customer service activity. Working from home (many for the first time) without the conditions and help of colleagues only hinders their performance more.


B2B and B2C Business Reports

Other reports, such as Intercom‘s, inform that there has been an increase in interactions via chat with customer services. Despite the increase, this channel managed to support the volume of requests received. The same did not happen with companies that only had customer support via phone call. These had an increase of 72% in the volume of contacts, compared to the 38% of companies that used messaging solutions. Companies that bet on alternative channels, such as chat, had a smaller increase. This happens because the contacts were slipt by phone and messages.

This data could also be seen in companies that work with They marked an increase of 40% in digital contacts.

Intercom adds that there was an increase in waiting times both in B2B and B2C companies. This reality goes against one of the objectives imposed on the customer support teams: to respond as quickly as possible.

Many companies choose to automate their interactions and processes because they want to maintain their high levels of service and satisfaction. Almost half of them claim that they will achieve the company’s goals despite the situation in which we find ourselves.


Ways to Help Your Customer Service

It is important, above all, to keep your workers happy and satisfied with working conditions. Otherwise, numerous situations can occur that will harm your company. Of course, customers are the source of income for all companies, but without workers, they do not work. Therefore, certain aspects should be considered so that everything works out for the best.

  • Adapt your workers to the circumstances in which they find themselves

If you were one of the companies that opted for the remote working regime, empower all the necessary tools for your employees. From technologies to office equipment. We must take into account that most people do not have at home the materials they have in the company and that these greatly improve the comfort of the worker.


  • Do not give in to the pressure of society’s anxiety

Most people panic easily and take their frustration out on the people who serve them. Don’t foster that pressure on your team either. Try your best to support them and be sensitive to the situations they face.


  • Be flexible with workers who have young children

At this time, when parents and children have to stay at home, make working hours easier for those who have people in their care. Those who say children also say elderly parents who need the help of relatives.


  • Optimize the work of your team by automating processes

The efficiency of support services is critical and therefore, can help your workers by automating part of their work. Repeated interactions with the public can be programmable and instantly responsive. So you let your employees have only the most complex and responsive requests. Helps may be your biggest ally at this stage!

You and your team can access our online platform anywhere. Whether the employee is in the company office, your living room, or at home. Its use is quite simple, without the need for computer knowledge and also saving your IT team worries.

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