Digital Contact Channels: The Advantages for Companies

Digital Contact Channels: The Advantages for Companies

Companies that have anticipated the usage of digital contact channels were able to adapt more easily to teleworking and ensure the ability to communicate with their customers.

The state of emergency was declared in Portugal on 18 March last. But already before that date teleworking was advised. It was one of the first recommendations to avoid potential contamination and spread of COVID-19 disease.

Companies that had previously invested in the implementation of new automated digital channels adjusted well to the change. However, in many other cases, which could already have this plan, it was not possible to adapt to remote work.

According to the guidelines of the Portuguese Health Authority (DGS), “It is the obligation of the employer to ensure that his workers have safety and health conditions, (…) taking into account the general principles of prevention (…)”. Some of these principles dictate that people must be at least one meter away, not share materials and avoid surfaces that have not been disinfected.

Employers who have been unable to make this change due to lack of preparation now see their employees dissatisfied and threatening strikes. The environment in which they work goes against the recommendations of the DGS and they feel fearful, both for themselves and for their families.

If the workers in these companies stop working, the helplines will freeze and, as a result, profits will be seriously affected. In addition, there are companies that have to keep services to a minimum because they are essential to society. This is the case with banks, insurance companies and service providers in general.


The Digital Contact Channels

The companies that bet on digital contact channels, in contrast, have not changed much. Both at the business level and at the level of satisfaction of their employees and customers.

It is true that the main reason for these implementations was to be closer to the customers. To provide better service in the channels where they are, such as in social networks and communication apps. However, this reason was enough so that, in times of crisis, there were no problems in their customer support.


The’s Partner Companies

That’s what happened with some of’s partner companies. They benefited from being on alternative channels such as chat on their website, Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp. This has allowed them to get through without a problem when they had to find alternatives to their contact centers. Their employees work from the security of their homes, easily accessing the online platform. This platform, with a strong automation component, allows them to focus on the most complex issues, the simplest being answered by Artificial Intelligence.

One of the advantages of automating processes in digital channels is the fact that its efficiency rate is so high. So companies, which have not yet defined their procedures well, have some time to establish them and come back remotely.

A successful example of automation in digital channels was Tranquilidade. With a website, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp chatbots, it has been able to maintain customer satisfaction and increase these channels’ contacts by 37%.’s oldest client, the Lisbon City Hall, since the beginning of March, has seen a 50% increase in interactions with its chatbot on Facebook Messenger and the website.

Another case, was Moche which recorded a 35% increase in interactions with its chatbot, on its website and customer reserved area.

These are some cases of service providers (insurance companies, telecommunications, etc.) that have kept their service active. They did not have complications or staff cuts in quarantine times.

On average, the companies that work with increased by 40% on interactions on their automated digital communication channels.


The Telework

Remote work is an increasing scenario. It is a working regime that allows employees to work wherever they want. Usually from their homes, not having to resort to the typical office.

Currently, few organizations do not have their systems online / in the cloud and this is enough to make teleworking possible. Anyone with access to a computer and their network can do their job. The problem will be choosing the place. easily implemented this solution. All your employees are currently working in their homes and it is possible to be a future measure.


The Advantages of Digital Channels

In short, the bet on digital channels only brings advantages like:


  • Closer proximity
  • Greater interactivity
  • Greater adaptability
  • Increased customer and employee satisfaction
  • No decreased productivity
  • No decreased in profits
  • Cost reduction

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