How to Turn Boring FAQs into a Dynamic Chatbot

How To Turn Boring FAQs into a Dynamic Chatbot

We’ve all been through the experience of going looking for FAQs on a website, just for the fact of not wasting time on the phone or wait days for an email response. If every site had a chatbot that answered instantly, everything would be easier and more convenient.

Boring FAQs

Whichever product you sell or sector you fit into, your customers will always have questions to ask.

Some more frequent, some less frequent. Some more complex, some less complex. Even so, all worthy of an answer.

It was by thinking in the most common questions and a way to facilitate their answers, without blocking the contact channels of companies, that FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) appeared.

When people buy a product and have some questions about it, they mostly use the company’s website and, more specifically, the FAQs page.

The FAQ page is a kind of archive that encompasses all the questions and answers that are most frequently asked to companies. Whether about the product, payment or shipping methods, security policies or about exchanges and returns, all the answers are there, usually organized by theme and in listing.

Although they’re useful, these lists are, in my opinion, very long. For customers to find their answer, they have to go through all the others that don’t interest them.

But if there’s a more efficient and simple solution to use, why not implement it?

FAQ Automation through a Chatbot

In a world where “instantaneous” is the word, chatbots are the best option to help you in any field. And, in this case, to give answers to your customers’ questions.

Chatbots are virtual assistants that help you find solutions. They’re also the most dynamic and pleasant way to provide the information your customers need.

They no longer have to search the FAQ page (which is often not very visible) or go through numerous topics before they get to what they want.

With a simple question to the bot, you get an answer in less than a second.

Artificial Intelligence on your FAQs Chatbot?

You can have the automation of your FAQs without resorting to Artificial Intelligence. However, this isn’t very beneficial for you or your customers, and I’ll tell you why.

Without AI, chatbots are basic and without personality. AI is what enables your chatbot to be charismatic and to answer non-standard questions. A “non-intelligent” chatbot can’t answer you if what you asked doesn’t correspond with the paths that were defined.

An intelligent chatbot can give you a solution even if your question is not in its knowledge base.

We call all the data that has been given to it so far “knowledge base.” That is all possible variations to ask a question, all existing synonyms for a word, etc. Essentially, all the knowledge it needs to “understand” a person’s request.

Your bot’s knowledge base will never be fully complete because there are always new ways to ask. Still, by using Artificial Intelligence, your chatbot will know how to relate what you have requested with the data it has and give you the right answer.

However, like on the FAQ page, if the client doesn’t find a solution, they’ll always talk to a human assistant. The same happens with chatbots. They’re quite useful and efficient, but there will always be cases where human help is indispensable.

Good for the Client and Good for the Business

You may think that this automation solution won’t bring you great value, but you’re wrong.

Both you and your customers, both parties will benefit from this implementation.

For your customers:

  • Receive a personalized service
  • Get answers faster
  • 24/7 support
  • Increases user satisfaction and experience
  • Autonomous problem-solving.

For the companies:

  • Increases the productivity of your customer service workers
  • Offers a more efficient and interactive service
  • Improves the AI and natural language processing of your chatbot
  • Reduces contact center costs.

FAQs Chatbot and Much More

Besides being a great way to answer your customers’ most common questions, chatbots are very useful in other areas.

Data Collection

Your chatbot can be a fantastic way to get to know your audience, without having to make an inquiry (which, let’s be honest, nobody wants to answer).

Product Advice

Based on the data of each consumer, the bot can cross this information with that of your company’s products and advise which is the best option.

Marketing Campaigns

You can also, through your chatbot, send advertising campaigns to your customers and inform them of the latest news.

To learn more about this possibility read the article Broadcasts and Triggers: How to Sell with Your Chatbot.

Leads Generation

With your chatbot giving information about your products and how they can improve the lives of your customers, many will want to join. In such cases, automation and information gathering are the beginning of a new partnership.

Customer Retention

Often, there is an abandonment of services because customers simply don’t feel heard or taken into consideration.

Through your chatbot, you can send follow-up messages and find out how users are doing after the resolved case. This way, you show that your brand is interested and concerned about its customers.

What Are You Waiting For?

The new Market Research Store report states that the chatbot market will grow 31% by 2025. This growth means that many companies will invest in this automation solution.

Regardless of your industry, if you have a large or medium-sized business, can help you implement a dynamic and highly efficient chatbot for both customer and internal support.

So, don’t wait any longer and let the competition get ahead of you! Contact us, and we’ll evolve together!

Design: Marta Ramos; Text: Filipa Perdigão