5 Ways Artificial Intelligence Can Improve Your Customer Service

5 Ways Artificial Intelligence Can Improve Your Customer Service

You’ve probably heard that customer service was dying. All that because of the robots, machines, and new technology were erupting. Artificial Intelligence is one of that new technologies and it’s scary the perception we have of new things when we don’t know what they do, right?

Now, because of Artificial Intelligence, the customer service industry is growing and evolving. And, more importantly, is helping employees do their jobs better, not stealing their jobs. AI improves human performance by giving people the time to do their work properly and freeing them for more critical tasks.

Artificial Intelligence it’s “customer-centric”

It’s a given fact that providing a service or selling a product in the 21st century it’s all about delivering experiences. Customers now want to be treated like a priority, not to spend hours before being answered – it’s called efficiency.

AI powers real-time customer support. It ends the waiting times (that are forever, in some cases) for the customer’s needs to be met. Besides, a chatbot is always enthusiastic and eager to help assistant. It provides a good mood conversation, as it’s not susceptible to mood swings.

With a chatbot, you can even ask for feedback and learn how you can improve your communication channels. They also decrease efforts. Once people are using channels they already use daily – Facebook Messenger and the service website, for example – and get answered quickly.

So, as your goal must be to retain current customers plus get new ones, a good experience in customer care boosts the chance of your clients purchasing again and improves their loyalty.

Omnichannel support

Chatbots can be deployed almost everywhere – Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, websites, apps, etc. And they can complete a customer support network, adding to phone and email, the traditional channels of communication.

Also, sometimes this means a disruption in your market. Since customer care is one of the main pains that companies cause their users, being recognized for good care is a sign that you’re way ahead of the competition.

As you see, good customer support puts your company at the leading edge of innovation.

Scale your customer support capacity

With Artificial Intelligence and chatbots, we are able to automate up to 70% of the companies’ interactions. This saves them more time to focus on more important tasks. Besides, when the system can’t answer the questions, the interactions go to a Live Chat with human assistants.

So, when the assistants do focus on customer care, they put more time and effort to that task, which results in a better overall performance.

Also, it’s possible for the assistants to answer 3 or more chats simultaneously. That isn’t possible when the customer takes care of it by phone or email.

Learn from past interactions

With the help of our Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning algorithms, we help understand patterns of automated queries previously requested and teach the machine how to answer to those same requests in the future. We also developed some advanced features in this field, like a word cloud tool where we dispose of the most asked words and expressions so they can be automated.

This way our platform it’s like a cookie monster that gets bigger every time it eats a cookie: our AI algorithm is constantly learning and getting better and stronger.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

At Visor.ai we developed an in house solution for automatic document reading, which serves our clients in many different areas. They can use it to automatically read submitted documents, all this in a matter of seconds.

You can also use it to read invoices, contracts, and other standard documents. Having all the information available in a digital format makes it a lot easier to access and update, saving time and effort. It also avoids the loss of documents and makes them quicker to get.

Have you imagined the time you can save by treating your client’s standard and repetitive documents in an automatic way?

To sum up…

Satisfied customers mean they’ll probably buy from you again and, even better, they’ll become “influencers” of your business, recommending them to other people. This gives you a fan base of loyal customers and advocates for your brand.

Pretty good for a business, right? Contact us for further details!