Nobody Stops Sagres and Its Fantastic Chatbot

Nobody Stops Sagres and its Fantastic Chatbot

Sagres is a Portuguese brand that has been in our lives, and this summer, it was on the social networks giving prizes with its new chatbot!

Heat is a Synonym of Sagres

With the quarantine imposed on us, the restaurants and catering sector suffered great losses. Consequently, many establishments had to close doors, and others innovated their services by offering takeaway options, for example.

However, the summer brought a phase of deconfinement and more freedom and security to attend our favorite cafes, bars, and restaurants again.

With this in mind and with the will to help these establishments back to normal, Sagres brought an initiative to enliven the Portuguese’s summer, encouraging their consumers to check-in at different points of sale and win spectacular prizes!

The Campaign Revealing

The “Portugal is really asking for Awards” campaign had different formats, and the dynamics of exchanging check-ins for gifts was part of it.

The main way of communication used was the visibility materials in the more than 3,000 points of sale that joined the campaign.

The communication materials (posters) had a QR Code that directed users to Sagres’ Chatbot, integrated into Facebook Messenger. It was in this digital communication channel that consumers could participate.

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The placement of these posters at many points of sale was one of this campaign’s success factors. It connected the moment of communication to participation. Meaning, when consumers saw the campaign, they could immediately compete and start winning prizes.

The beer brand also published Instagram’s stories (a weekly story) directing users to the Chatbot.

Sagres Chatbot Instagram Posts
Examples of Sagres Instagram Stories.

How to Win Prizes in Sagres Chatbot?

To start, participants had to go to the chatbot on the Facebook page of Sagres. Then the steps were simple:

1) Check-in

Each point of sale had an identification code, and, at this step, users had to indicate that same unique code of use.

2) Responding to the challenge to earn points

After the check-in validation, the bot presented a challenge (taking a photo in a certain context) to which the participants had to comply.

3) The more you participated, the more points you earned

For each complete challenge, the user earned a certain number of points. With the sum of these points, the consumer could qualify for diverse prizes. The chatbot gave more than 2600 prizes.

With a duration of 6 weeks, the campaign was a success, with more than 6 thousand participants generating more than 25 thousand visits to the adherent points of sale. Chatbot and On Spot Net Management

This campaign came from Sagres’s partnership with On Spot Net marketing agency and’s goal is to facilitate consumers’ communications with their favorite brands. To accomplish this, it provides chatbots with Artificial Intelligence.

The process and interaction automation company had already participated in other very successful marketing campaigns. When the opportunity arose to work again with On Spot Net and Sagres, of course, gladly accepted.

For this campaign, the chatbot was integrated into the brand’s Facebook Messenger because’s solution is scalable and modular. This scalability allows the bots’ implementation without problems and remotely (an important factor in social restrictions).

Through the chatbot, people could interact and win, and everyone’s involvement was great!

Why Use Chatbots in Marketing Campaigns?

Campaigns that use chatbots are very successful because they’re dynamic and immediate.

The client sees the ads on their social networks and is instantaneously led to the bot. This way, there’s no possibility of losing interest in the process.

Resorting only to traditional advertisements, there’s a greater probability of people giving up because the path between visualizing the ad and obtaining the prizes is more time-consuming and, sometimes, complex.

You have to consider that the digital factor has an increasing weight in our society, and using chatbots meets this parameter of innovation.

Sagres Action Results with Chatbot

After a little over a month, Sagres had one of the best campaigns on record.

As already mentioned, more than 3 thousand selling points have joined this initiative, and around 40% of these establishments had active action. In other words, they had the participation of their clients.

There were more than 6000 chatbot users. These entries generated more than 25 thousand visits to the participating establishments.

On the other hand, there were close to half a million communications exchanges between users and the Sagres’s bot.

These figures make it one of the most successful marketing campaigns according to chatbot involvement in such a short period of time.

Do you want a marketing campaign as good as Sagres’s? Don’t hesitate to contact us! We will be happy to get you further!