Bots for Telecom 10 reasons why you need to invest

Bots for Telecom: 10 Reasons Why You Need to Invest

Like all other industries, the telecommunications sector also wants to expand its business’s value to accompany the era of technological innovation. Discover the reasons why your telecom company should invest in chat, voice, and email bots.

The Telecommunications Companies

The telecom industry contains all communication and internet services. To have any of these services, you have to have a contract with a telecom operator.

This sector is one of the most privileged because it includes large territorial regions and many customers.

On the one hand, this is good, because it reaches high numbers of consumers. On the other hand, this high number means a larger volume of requests in Customer Support services.

Having said that and allied to the technological evolution, the companies seek better services and bring greater value to the business.

Why Does the Telecom Sector Need Bots?

There has been an accelerated growth in mobility and, consequently, a significant increase of mobile devices in the last decade.

Due to these factors, telecom companies understand that betting and investing in mobile solutions are an asset both for them and for their customers. Some examples of these investments and adaptation to mobile solutions are the apps.

However, the most relevant aspect of these solutions is the issue of being portable. In other words, the client can access their Customer Area and other services through their smartphone, anywhere.

However, most operators have the same solutions (apps, websites, etc.); there’s little distinction between them. This is where Artificial Intelligence comes in.

Artificial Intelligence in the Telecom Sector

Areas such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have helped a lot in the digital transformation of companies.

Through automation solutions such as chatbots, institutions are gaining points in digital transformation and before their clients.

The consumer is attentive to those who employ the latest trends and offers the best services simultaneously. Consequently, by being more focused on their consumers’ needs and demands, we see a greater adhesion to these solutions.

The acceptance of these innovative options started earlier in other economic sectors, but telecommunications have not been left behind.

In fact, according to MarketsandMarkets, it’s expected that by 2022 there will be a $2,497.8 million growth in telecommunications AI. This corresponds to an annual growth rate (CAGR) of 46.8%.

These numbers only corroborate what we said above. Companies see the potential that AI can bring them and, consequently, the gains both internally and customer satisfaction.

Which is the Right Bot for the Telecom Sector?


Before you know the advantages of implementing automation solutions, you must know what options are available.

Let’s start with the chatbots. They’re the most used option, as far as Customer Support services are concerned. They consist of chatbots that, allied to Artificial Intelligence, optimize whatever services you want.

They’re a great help to companies with high volumes of contacts in their most traditional communication channels (support line or emails).

Voice bots

Voice bots or, more commonly known, virtual assistants. This bot option works through voice commands, and writing can also be used.

We highly associate them with solutions like Siri or Alexa and have a more personal character. That is, they’re personal virtual assistants. While you used to ask someone to schedule your meetings or shut the blinds, you can now talk to your virtual assistant, and it, through the information present in the cloud, fulfills your requests.

However, voice bots can also be included in customer support situations. To do this, include this feature in your chatbot. In this way, it allows your customers the two possibilities of communication: written and voice.

Learn more about these voice bots by clicking here!

Email bots

Email bots are possibly the least known automation option. There’s recurrent talk of automatic marketing emails, but that is not what this solution is about.

This solution allows the automation of processes in your company’s contact emails. That is, Customer Services uses this option a lot.

The email bot works at the level of your inbox/emails received and their treatment. When your service receives an email from a customer, the bot automatically reads and analyzes it. Afterward, it checks if all the necessary information is available to fill the case and forwards it to the correct treatment department. If all the necessary documentation is not present, the email bot itself requests the client and only then forwards it to the human assistant.

Find out more details about this solution in Email Bots: How to Automate Your Mailbox.

What are the Benefits of Bots for Telecom?

Now that you know what bot options you can implement to optimize your company’s services, know the benefits of these solutions.

1) Increase customer satisfaction

As we have already told you, the more variety of services and responsiveness you provide to your customers, the more you increase their satisfaction.

2) Increases customer retention

As a result of their satisfaction, you’re able to retain your customers more easily, preventing them from even thinking about changing operators. If they’re well taken care of and their problems solved without complications, they’ll have no reason to change provider.

3) Increase your team’s performance

By automating the most basic processes, such as answering frequently asked questions or simple technical processes, you increase your own productivity. Your team can solve more complex problems that require more attention. Also, with the Live Chat option of, each assistant can respond to several customers simultaneously, increasing your team’s multitasking ability.

4) 24/7 Service

Unlike common customer services, these solutions work 24 hours a day, every day of the year. This allows your clients to resolve issues themselves at any time of the day without waiting for the next business day.

5) Cost Reduction

It can reduce service costs because it offers faster service, and as we all already heard, “Time is money.” Besides, bots can simultaneously respond to several people.

6) Reduces Waiting Time

One of the largest global complaints in any sector, but more prevalent in companies with large volumes of contacts. Nobody likes waiting, and these solutions cut queues a lot, responding instantly to customers as soon as they interact with the bots.

7) Redirection to the Right Department

This advantage covers all bot options and not just the email bots mentioned above. Also, when they don’t know the answer, the chatbots can forward the questions to a specific department’s human assistant. Thus, a person specialized in the subject can solve the problem. This factor also adds to the speed of the service.

8) Automatic Treatment of General Service Failures

It can be assumed that many of the calls received by Telecom services are related to general service failures. That is when customers can use internet services, for example.

If the failure is in a large region, they’ll have many customers at the same time asking for explanations. Consequently, they won’t be happy about not obtaining an answer and not knowing what is going on.

None of this would happen with the bots anymore, as their customers could easily be notified of the failure and its repair time.

9) Possibility of Transactions

Another great advantage of bots and, specifically, chatbots are the payment possibilities.

Surely many clients forget to pay the monthly fee and therefore can’t access the services. The bot can provide them with several payment alternatives such as payment references or direct payment through the chatbot in these situations.

10) Feedback Collection

Finally, these solutions allow the collection of data from customers, such as the most frequently asked questions and requests or which difficulties they encounter most in a given case.

Besides, through the platform, you can define several triggers that allow you to know how many customers have been through a certain subject. To learn more, see Broadcasts and Triggers: How to Sell with Your Chatbot.

Whichever automation solution you choose, you will always see improvements in your service’s efficiency and the performance of your team. Wait no longer and contact