Black Friday AI

The New Era of Black Friday with the Arrival of AI

Black Friday is one of the times when companies experience peak production and income, marking one of the biggest sales campaigns alongside Cyber Monday, Christmas, and sales.

The inflation experienced throughout 2023 has prevented many people from making purchases they previously had access to. Therefore, this Black Friday presents a great opportunity for individuals to take advantage of significant offers and buy what they couldn’t during the rest of the year.

According to the Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2023 report by Webloyalty, this year’s sales are predicted to increase by 20% compared to the previous year, with an average spend of 162 euros per Spaniard. Additionally, e-commerce is expected to witness a 45% increase in orders compared to the same period in 2022.

All signs point to continued sales growth each year during Black Friday. However, are Spanish companies prepared to handle increased consumption over time? Well, new technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) can play a crucial role in maximizing consumption and facilitating proper management during periods of heightened production and sales.

For instance, investing in AI-driven chatbots helps alleviate the workload of customer service teams by handling frequent queries, such as product return deadlines. This allows them to focus on assisting users with more personalized and attention-demanding queries.

Moreover, several studies suggest that campaigns like Black Friday will be marked by companies progressively incorporating new technologies, not only to enhance customer service quality or manage inventory but also to ensure a data economy that guarantees consumer security and privacy. Among these, Spain Digital 2025 affirms that 50% of companies will use AI and Big Data aiming to ensure a privacy policy, leveraging the opportunities offered by artificial intelligence.

It’s important to note that the successful implementation of AI requires careful planning and a deep understanding of customer needs and preferences. It’s a continuous process that demands flexibility and adaptability as business conditions and customer behaviors evolve. Maintaining AI models updated with relevant and recent data is crucial because as companies evolve, customer behaviors change.

Furthermore, it’s essential to remember that any use of AI should be under responsible and ethical usage. Companies need to ensure proper handling of customer data and ensure that data won’t be used in ways that could compromise citizen privacy. Therefore, it’s crucial for Spain, and particularly the European Union, to contemplate regulations that reflect laws allowing companies to include this technology without risking exposing their customers’ data without any security measures.

In conclusion, new technologies must be progressively incorporated to simplify our lives. Their effective implementation can help companies enhance operational efficiency, increase sales, and offer a more personalized and satisfying shopping experience for customers during times like Black Friday. However, it should always be done within the framework of laws that trace an ethical and secure path for society as a whole.

Original Article Published at Economia 3.