Chatbots has a Lead Generation Rate of 10 in Tranquilidade
Articles chatbot has a lead conversion rate of 10% in Tranquilidade

Insights by Talks

Last Wednesday, the three-year-old company specialized in AI chatbots organized their 1st edition of Insights by With tickets sold out, the event focused on sharing real business cases and experiences of some of the main references in innovation and transformation companies.

Tranquilidade case

We invited Teresa Santos and João Luís Marques from Tranquilidade to speak at the event. During their presentation, they revealed the advantages that the chatbot implementation offers to the insurer and its employees. From offering alternative channels to customers, to the automation and optimization of processes, to increase sales. 

Within two weeks, the chatbot joined the Tranquilidade team as another valuable member. Since then it’s easier to change and improve its’ responsiveness, functionality and specificity. The initial average of 290 chatbot users per day is now 1000. Automatic conversations have approximately 70% response efficiency, where human assistance was not required to fulfill the request. And the highlight is the commercial lead conversion rate of 10% since the second month of 2019.

Next year, Tranquilidade wants to surprise the world with all its new projects. New improvements and innovation to services and user experience. Tranquilidade WhatsApp with the incorporation of the chatbot. A new, more practical, higher expectations channel to communicate with the public.

On Spot Net and’s partnership

Miguel Tapada from On Spot Net, a brand activation agency, is trying to eliminate the gap between communications and sales. The sales processes take place mostly offline and information is often not available to companies. Also, a guest speaker at the event, Miguel Tapada, highlighted the importance of personalized marketing. A specific person receives a specific message at a specific time, with the analysis being performed individually.

Since 70% of the Portuguese population uses text messages in their daily lives, one of the greatest bets in Marketing is the application of AI. Two and a half years ago On Spot Net joined to work on their first project together with Heineken as a client. They gave answers to the challenge one of Heineken’s promotions faced by incorporating a chatbot capable of reading coupons and automating the awarding of prizes. chatbot has, in this case, an efficiency rate of 60% which is not higher due to a requirement for human validation. Note that implementing a chatbot is another contact opportunity, another channel that allows the company to return to the customer-initiated conversation and communicate more information about this or other promotions.

Miguel Tapada also shared data on the most recent project with Compal, which once again had’s partnership. In a single month, there was an 81% of response efficiency in 2000 conversations. Only 1% needed human assistance due to the particularity of the questions asked.

The future of

Gianluca Pereyra, a co-founder at, believes that companies in Portugal are ready to receive the technological innovations they needed for years, such as APIs and web solutions.’s main focus now is to improve and expand its AI chatbots services, such as voice bots and email bots. This will increase customer acquisition and retention rates, as well as the profitability and process optimization for its clients.

More speakers attended the event about who we’re going to write next. Stay tuned and don’t miss our blog posts!