Celebrating the 60 years of Margão with a marketing chatbot

Celebrating the 60 years of Margão with a marketing chatbot

June 2018 started off right Visor.ai launched another marketing chatbot in Portugal, in Facebook Messenger, for the spices brand Margão in collaboration with On Spot Marketing. We developed a chatbot for a marketing campaign to celebrate Margão’s 60 years in Portugal, always with the premise to spice up your imagination.

The brand is celebrating its anniversary by rewarding their audience with a recipe book containing  60 recipes made with Margão’s spices to represent each of the years they have been commercialising in Portugal.

To win one of the 2000 books Margão has to offer, you just have to buy 10 (yes, only 10!) euros worth of Margão’s products in a supermarket and then submit the receipt to the chatbot in Facebook Messenger in order to validate the purchase.

The process is easy and interactive: chatting with the chatbot to win prizes, access a variety of recipes and know more about this Portuguese brand.

Board this chatbot to a flavourful trip to Margão, the Indian city of spices, without leaving the table!


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