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Knorr Portugal just launched a Marketing Chatbot!

In May 2018, Knorr Portugal launched a marketing chatbot on Facebook Messenger.


The Knorr Portugal Chatbot

In partnership with On Spot Net, developed the chatbot for the spice brand.

Participants are invited to get to know better Knorr products, for example, Knorr Pasta Pot, Knorr Noodles, and Knorr Asia Noodles. Besides, customers can be rewarded with tickets for 4 summer festivals, NOS Alive, RFM SOMNII, Sumol Summer Fest, and MEO Marés Vivas.

For that, users just have to submit a proof of purchase, using the Knorr Portugal chatbot on Facebook Messenger, from when they buy Knorr products in the supermarket or the promo code they get when buying those same products in local grocery stores.

The chatbot then collects the points every time an invoice is submitted and when the user has enough points, they can trade them for the rewards.

Simple logic, great engagement, and another marketing chatbot online in Portugal! 


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