Chatbots for Human Resources

Chatbots for Human Resources: The Uses and Advantages

Technological advances are growing and are increasingly present in society. Statistical studies show that 89% of companies want to invest or have already bet on a digital business strategy. This article will show how chatbots can benefit your company’s Human Resources department.

Chatbots for HR Services Automation

The adoption of chatbots for the optimization of services is expanding. Most companies focus on external consumer interactions, namely, customer support. However, these same companies would have much to gain from internal processes automation, bringing value to both the company and its employees.

When we think of a support department, which intervenes directly in all the others, we immediately remember Human Resources (HR). Whether it’s the IT, sales, or operations department, if there are any problems regarding people management, it’s HR that we will talk to.

Whatever the company’s size, but even more so in larger companies, a chatbot is a great solution to optimize the answers to the most frequently asked questions, which can be easily programmed. Think of the chatbot as a manual, where you compile all the relevant information. You can then ask your questions and clarify your doubts. It will answer you instantly. If it’s a more complex subject, it will pass on to the professionals who will answer it through live chat.

Thinking about the tasks themselves, Human Resources professionals manage the whole human part of a company. They act mainly in the company-employee relationship, managing all professionals, from hiring to retaining talent. At the same time, they implement favorable environments, which enhance the motivation and creation of employees, among others.

HR Chatbots Use Cases

Assuming your company has 200 employees, imagine the amount of documentation per person that Human Resources managers have to support.


Let’s start with recruitment, one of the most critical HR responsibilities. It can be a lengthy process, depending on the number of interviews each company requires. When there are many applications for a single position, it can be complicated to manage. A chatbot with Artificial Intelligence can facilitate this selection by performing a kind of initial screening. You can find the ideal person for the requirements you want. Additionally, tests can be incorporated into the chatbots to evaluate the candidates.

Centralizing Information

Secondly, a chatbot can be very useful in centralizing information. As already mentioned, it can be a handbook containing all the HR procedures of the company. If an employee has a specific question or doubt, the bot will automatically answer it.

This point is directly related to the third: the automation of processes.

Processes Automation

Imagine that an employee goes to the bot asking questions about the remaining vacation days. With some integrations and the user’s data, the chatbot answers him automatically without a human being’s intervention. The same can happen with salary receipts and other matters, increasing the privacy of confidential information.

Workers Satisfaction

The fourth use concerns the welfare of your employees. Through chatbot, you can interact more with your employees. In medium and large companies, it is sometimes difficult to be aware of the company’s environment. So you can conduct surveys to find out how your employees are doing or even send out invitations to attend social meetings.

The Advantages of Chatbots

If virtual assistants already brought value when they were only part of your customer support, imagine the wonders they would do to your company internally. Chatbots can be very beneficial to both the company and employees.

Automation of interactions and task programming

Be in doubt on any topic, as long as it relates to Human Resources, the bot will answer automatically.

Increase the productivity of your HR team 

With the automation of your HR team’s processes, they will have much more time to perform tasks that require more concentration and energy. Therefore, just leave them the complex duties. Save them the repeated questions and increase their productivity.

24/7 customer service

Your employees don’t need to be worried about opening hours or waiting until Monday, the next working day. With a chatbot, that is a problem of the past. Your virtual assistant is available to answer any questions 24 hours a day, including weekends.

Cost reduction

Calls are the primary way of communicating with the HR team, and it would be an immediate saving on telephone bills. The chatbot service would not need exclusive professionals; there would also be a reduction, opening the possibility of investing in other areas.

Being closer to employees

This implementation can bring you closer to your employees and colleagues. Also, it can be a more dynamic way of inviting your teams to social gatherings or events.

A Solution for Teleworking Times

A chatbot for your company’s Human Resources can be a great help when adopting the telework regime. In addition to maintaining productivity levels, it promotes employee service.’s platform is an easy system to implement and use. The fact that it does not require any technical knowledge allows anyone from any department to work without problems. It also helps your IT team because they don’t need to spend time with integrations and complications.

Incorporating this type of technological solutions in your company should be a subject to think about and, who knows, to invest in.

In short,’s solution automates repeated interactions and processes. Due to its artificial intelligence, its efficiency is maximized. This way, it speeds up the work of those who are part of the HR team and wants clear doubts. offers a solution that fits perfectly in any sector or department. Do you want your company to be more efficient and benefit from the advantages of having a chatbot? Contact us for more information.