Generally, it applies to a data input field; a case-sensitive restriction means lower-case letters a … view morere not equivalent to the same letters in upper-case. For example: "data" is not recognized as being the same word as "Data" or "DATA."


is a conversational robot that interacts with people via chat. If they have Artificial Intelligence, … view more these robots can understand and learn from the stimuli (messages) they receive.


refers to software or platforms hosted in the cloud (on third-party servers) and available over the  … view moreinternet. With cloud-based services, you don't have to worry about the maintenance of the servers and other details, as the providers take care of it.

Commercial leads

they're all potential customers who give their data and require more information about your product or service.

Conversational AI

are all the disciplines of Artificial Intelligence, such as NLP and Machine Learning, that enable robots to communicate fluidly with their users.

Conversational API

is a Visor.ai API that allows us to integrate our platform with external channels and thus improve t … view morehe user experience. For example, it is often used to integrate with apps.


Deep Learning

also known as Deep Structured Learning, is part of the Machine Learning field that is based on artif … view moreicial neural networks. It can be supervised, semi-supervised or unsupervised learning.

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