Best Electronic Assistant, developed by

BEST Bank Now Has BEA, the chatbot

BEST Bank wanted to invest in digital transformation and now has BEA. Learn more about’s solution in this banking institution!

As mentioned by Jornal Económico, BEST Bank has just launched BEA (Best Electronic Assistant) with the support of

This virtual agent’s main function is to help customers with their banking experience and facilitate interactions between the bank and its users.

BEA takes on a female name and personality. And in addition, she uses Artificial Intelligence. This technology helps her to answer a large number of questions that the bank receives every day. For example, questions about bank accounts, credit/debit card problems, and difficulties accessing Homebanking.

Artificial Intelligence allows BEA to answer the most frequent questions from the bank’s clients. And, additionally, to learn from those different queries to improve its knowledge base automatically.

This partnership between and BEST results from the bank’s desire to innovate and meet the growing demands of its customers. Moreover, to provide its customers with the best possible support and information, as stated by the bank’s CEO, Madalena Torres.


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